Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Europe 2013, more shows,more travels.

So heres what is confirmed for me, 14 shows this time around.

17th July, fly to Brussels and do the Arnhem show (1st show of the tour) and the Werchter show, fly home 21st July. (1226 miles)

Fly to Bergamo, Italy, train to Padovo, show on the 26th, train to Rome on 27th, show on 28th, home on 29th (2869 miles)

14th Aug, fly to Oslo, see shows on 14th and 15th, train to Gothenburg on 16th, see show on 17th, bus back to Oslo and fly home to Manchester 18th. (2914 miles)

22nd August, fly to Dusseldorf, atttend my good friend Rainers wedding then Kevin and i get the overnight train from Munch to do the Bucharest and the Sofia shows.

1st Sept, train to Berlin to meet up with Kami and family. See Berlin show on the 4th, train to see the Dusseldorf  show on the 6th and then 9 days personal holiday with Kami and her family touring around Germany.

15th fly home to UK, see Manchester show on 16th ( 5012 miles)

17th fly to Dublin, see show on 18th

19th Fly from Dublin to Paris, see the final show of the tour and then head home on the 22nd Sept. (1332 miles)

Its evolving!!

Monday, June 03, 2013