Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 1

5:30am, Laurens dad Mike picked me up at home, i loaded my case into the car,  said goodbye to Lauren and we started the drive to Heathrow. The second we set off a track from Rocky Erikson comes over the stereo in Mikes car and we both here the lyrics “ oh my darling im sorry im leaving you" or something simlar to that. We both bursted out laughing, i thought Mike had queued up the track as a laugh but he hadn't!,  as i looked out of the window i saw Lauren standing in the doorway in her pink dressing gown waving goodbye! awww
Arrived at Heathrow around 5:45 and by 6am i was checked in, bags dropped, exit row seat secured and i was in the lounge eating breakfast!  two little cheese and a few crackers
Heathrow terminal 3, the first of many airports I'm gonna be going through in the next 3 months!


  1. she stood in the doorway, the ghost of a smile

  2. Hi Si,
    have a great great time!!! can't wait to hear your news.

  3. You should have phoned me and I could have told you some others to search for lol

    Look forward to receiving the package.