Sunday, September 19, 2010

Goodbye Toronto…..

Just arrived at Toronto airport, Jens, Philippe, Thomas and i made the drive out this morning, dropped the rental car off and checked in.

Myself, Jens and Thomas at the airport:

DSCF2203 (Large)

The crazy Danes checking in:

DSCF2204 (Large)  DSCF2205 (Large)

Took us probably an hour to get checked in, you actually clear customs and US immigration  here in Toronto before you fly which is cool, speeds things up at the other end when we arrive in Chicago!. I'm definitely gonna miss Toronto, I've become to like it a LOT! the people are real friendly and I've yet to go anywhere else in the world where i put the radio on in the rental car and hear April Wine’s “I Like To Rock” !! I've been an April Wine fan since i was a kid and never thought id hear them on the Radio! They are Canadian so i guess.


  1. Yep you know you're in Canada when you hear CanCon on the radio! Out here on the West Coast they used to get a bit of airplay during the 80s.

    Welcome back!

    Julie :)

  2. Si,

    Thanks for coming to TO and I glad you had some time to enjoy just more than the Wall Live Shows.


  3. Miss ya Si! see ya in vegas - joe R