Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pittsburgh again….

I got to my hotel around 6pm last night, was a real cheap Super 8 motel and I'm glad i was only there for one night! On the drive down i saw something I've never seen before. I saw a line of people at the side of the road cleaning the highway with brushes and shovels and a couple of cop cars! it was when i saw their “outfits” that it dawned on me that they were obviously inmates from a local prison! They had matching tops and bottoms on and were black and white stripes, i guess the white ones with black arrows on are only in the movies!

I didn't even go out to eat or anything after getting to the hotel, sat and did my blog for a couple of hours and then had an early night.

Woke up this morning to a text from Maria to say Lars was driving the car last night and they had been stopped for speeding by a local cop. It turns out the cop was nice enough but he still got a ticket. I've been stopped three times in the US for speeding and not once have i got a ticket! as i said to Lars, it must be the English accent that does it!

Had to fill the rental car up with gas before returning it to the rental desk at Pittsburgh airport this morning, i got to the check in desk around 7:30am and my flight wasn't till 9:15 so i had breakfast and chilled out in the Exec lounge.

Flight was about an hour and a half in total and i slept most of the way. When i got off the plane at Boston i could feel it was way hotter and a lot more humid than it had been in Pittsburgh!

Grabbed a taxi to the hotel, waited in reception for an hour for the guys to arrive and its now 3pm in the afternoon, Jens and Lars are having an hours sleep before we go out and Maria and Thomas have gone to check in to their hotel.

When we were at Buddy Guys last week i got a CD of his signed for Laurens dad Mike, He called today to say it had arrived. I was a bit worried it might have got lost in the post as something like that was kinda irreplaceable but he got it ok. Apparently he’d been expecting some vinyl in the post that he had bought for his Jukebox, upon opening the package and seeing a CD he thought they'd sent a CD by mistake and was pleasantly surprised! It was just a little something to thank him for getting up at 5am and taking me to the airport couple of weeks ago.

Looking forward to the show tonight and seeing a few old faces at the meet up in a couple of hours.


  1. Did you get a sandwich at Primanti Brothers?

  2. Hi Si,

    I am enjoying reading about your adventures, very jealous. Roll on the O2 in May.

    Kevin T (You were kind enough to give me a complimentary Whip Craic ticket years ago)