Thursday, September 16, 2010

Run, run, run, run…………

Managed to get a 30 minute run in the morning, i LOVE running in the early morning but when I'm at home i just don't have the energy to do it so early so today i got the best of both worlds. Due to the time difference i ran at 8am Toronto time but it was 1pm UK time therefore i was wide awake and had a lot more energy than i do when i first wake up at home. I'd looked on Google maps and saw there was a park about mile down the road that had a running track in it. Ran to the park, did a couple of laps around the track and then headed back to the house.
Bobs little boy Thomas is 16 months old and adorable! he was a little apprehensive of me when i first arrived and very shy, however as the days gone by he’s got used to me and he sat on the sofa yesterday morning with me playing with my cell phone and camera and saying “hello” into the phone. Bob and his family have just got back from a weeks vacation where Thomas got hold of Eryn’s (Bobs wife) blackberry and mistakenly dialled 911 and called the emergency services!! by the time Bob and Eryn had realised the women on the end of the line was on the phone to the local police telling them she could hear people talking but was getting no response! they actually tracked the phones signal and sent a cop to their vacation rental just to check everything was ok! Here's Thomas getting ready for the show!! (he didn't go really this was just his way of welcoming Roger to Toronto)
DSCF2088 (Large)       DSCF2087 (Large)       DSCF2084 (Large)
Bob and i got the subway downtown and met up with Suzanne, Philippe, Michael, Jens, Thomas and Mike around 12 noon at the CN Tower. Few facts about the CN Tower
toronto panoram 2
The ride up the tower was about 60 second, lift had a glass door so you were able to see out as we got higher, the ride up just seemed never ending.
You can imagine what the view from the top was like but just in case you cant i made a panorama shot made up of  three smaller pictures, (click on the image to see the larger version)
toronto panorama 1
They have one of those glass floors at the top that your able to walk on, all there is between you and the street below is a few inch thick piece of glass! Mike was real dubious about standing on it till i proved to him it was safe by jumping up and down on the glass (then  later in the day Bob told us about the following story about a local Toronto lawyer!) Man falls through glass wall!!

Click on the link below to see a few shots from the CN Tower trip:
After the CN tower we walked to the Micro Brewery across the street then headed up into town to find somewhere to eat. It was now about 2:30pm and we were due to meet up with everyone else at around 5pm at Casey's bar just round the corner from the venue. We ate at Jack Astor's across the street from the meet up bar, the talk over lunch was about the up and coming show in a few hours time. Bob and most of the others had stayed away from any spoilers online about the show, id seen a couple of things but nothing that would really spoil the show. (I'm so pleased we all did this as you’ll find out in my next post this definitely made the show so much more of a surprise!)
Michael, Suzanne, Mike and Bob headed back to freshen up for the show while Jens, Thomas, Philippe and i sat there till around 4:30 speculating what to expect from Roger in a few hours time!
We walked over to Casey's after lunch and the rest of the people started arriving around 5ish. It was fantastic to see friends who i hadn't seen since being in Toronto 2006, Doug, Elliot, Maria, Zo just to name a few, it was as though it had only been a couple of days since we’d seen each other even though it had been 4 years.  We had all become friends through being online and fans of Rogers music and then met up in person at shows around the world, i would call these people my very best friends and some of them I've known for over 10 years, some that i met only yesterday i knew would be friends for the next 10 years!
We all had a few drinks on the patio area and the 90 minutes or so we were there just seemed to fly by so quickly, around 6:30 we all made our way down to the venue and joined the hundreds of people heading down for the show, On the last tour i managed to get a picture of me outside each venue, I'm going to try do the same again, hopefully I'll remember before each gig.
Below, few of us walking to the show and me looking a touch jetlagged outside the ACC
DSCF2124 (Large)    DSCF2126 (Large)


  1. persevere young man.
    i will thoroughly enjoy following your journey. might be interesting to hear what you thought of various songs back in 1979 and what they meant to you. and what you think of various songs in 2010...and what they mean to you now.

    shine on...

  2. Just wanted to drop a line from a fellow Waters/Floyd fan. I have tickets for the show in Houston on Nov. 20th. Looking forward to following your journey. Have a great trip. Let me know if you get a chance to meet him. I would love to get to the Toyota Center in Houston a few hours early just for the chance to get to see him. Have you met him before outside a venue? Safe Travels!

  3. Hey Simon,,Great chatting and meeting you at Caseys beforehand. Be seeing you again in Detroit real soon. Enjoy the show as it must go on!!! CHRIS!

  4. I am glad you guys had a chance to see some of the city this time. CN Tower sounds tourista but is an engineering marvel that was finished in 1974.


  5. I loved Toronto when we were there last time.. I remember the moose!!