Friday, October 01, 2010

Boston day 1…….

After checking in the room we all just relaxed and chilled out. The guys had been driving the last 2 days and were shattered. The hotels just across the street from the venue as i walked past to go to the meet up i could see all the trucks parked up in the lot.

DSCF2901 (Large)

We had a pre show meet up planed for 5pm at an Irish pub a street away from the hotel. Jens and Lars were still asleep when i left at 4:30 to go meet my friend Terry at the bar whom i hadn't seen since Roger was in Boston 4 years ago! Other friends started to arrive around 5 ish and there were probably 10 or 12 of us by the time we left for the venue.

Terry & I                                                   Drew & I

DSCF2903 (Large) DSCF2911 (Large)


Pre show picture:                                          Post show picture:

DSCF2904 (Large)     DSCF2910 (Large)


Guys outside the venue before the show!

DSCF2905 (Large)


  1. wheres the group pic?

  2. 14 semis to haul the gear? Cor blimey!

    Julie :)