Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hartford to New Brunswick…

So i didn't do much at all today, it was the ideal time to take it easy and chill out. Erin left for work around 9:30am, i did my laundry, took a shower and headed out for the two hour drive to New Brunswick, NJ around 11am. I took the Cross Country Parkway for a change instead of the I95, i used to see my friend in Maine every few months and drove that I95 up and down from New York so many times i knew it like the back of my hand so it was nice to drive a different way for a change. As all the leaves are turning and the Cross Country Parkway is shadowed most of the way by trees it was beautiful.

George Washington bridge                           View of New York from the George Washington bridge

 P1140104 (Large)    P1140105 (Large)

Got to my hotel around one and surfed online till my room was ready at two. I was so looking forward to using the gym at the hotel, id run only a couple of days ago but was just in the mood for a good workout and i felt great after it.

The hotel has a cheerleaders convention on this weekend and its overrun with cheerleaders, i feel like an extra in Glee!  There's also a huge Indian wedding on, as i type this here in the lounge its gone 7pm and the place is packed with people for the wedding reception.

I fell as sleep after my shower after my workout for a couple of hours and then ventured down to the bar and have just had a dinner of seafood chowder, crab cakes and a glass of Pinot, i haven't eaten all day since the bagel i had at Erin's before i left and i feel so much better for it and for having a good workout. I'm gonna try get one in in the morning before i leave the hotel.

I fly up to Ottawa tomorrow from Newark, have to drop the rental car off first, then a short ninety minutes flight and Bob from Toronto is picking me up when i arrive in Ottawa, its then onto Montreal for two shows before flying back down to Cleveland on the 21st. Looking forward to seeing Bob and Andy again as well as Maria!


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