Friday, October 22, 2010

Montreal second show…

Last nights show was the second one in Montreal and while the crowd were not quite as loud they were yet again fantastic and  certainly the best crowd of the tour so far!

All of Marias family were at the show tonight, Her husband Jack, her two daughters, her son and one of her daughters boyfriend. Bob and i met her son and Louise while we were at their house having dinner 2 nights go. They were all looking forward to the show and had great seats, towards the rear of the venue and  about 10 rows off the floor!

Zo and Anne were front row tonight, the first time they had experienced this show from this amazing place.

Louise, Maria and friend                      Myself and Zo                                     Anne, Zo and Maria

DSCF4400 (Large) DSCF4402 (Large) DSCF4403 (Large)

Bob and Andy were 4th row to the right tonight and Maria and i were 4th row dead centre. The show had no technical issues like last night that i could see and the music and sound were fantastic. Last night i was on the right side when the crowd were cheering before Mother but tonight i experienced the sound like never before, the crowd cheering on the floor from where i was sat was amazing, I've never heard anything like it.

Rogers again spoke to the crowd in French and made mention of the infamous spitting incident, and they saying “ but enough of that i wont be doing that tonight”

At half time i decided to go a watch the 2nd half of the show from the right side again but go a bit higher this time. I was able to take a fantastic panorama from  my seat that came out real well.

montreal show panorama small

The second half went again without fault and the wall coming down was like last night, only the centre section came down and the ends stayed up.

DSCF4414 (Large) DSCF4418 (Large) DSCF4431 (Large) DSCF4442 (Large)  DSCF4450 (Large)

DSCF4492 (Large)  DSCF4493 (Large)   DSCF4496 (Large)  DSCF4497 (Large)

DSCF4501 (Large)  DSCF4502 (Large)  DSCF4504 (Large)

It was yet another fantastic show and probably in the top 3 of the tour so far as far as I'm concerned.

After last nights show i headed outside to walk up to the bar we'd been meeting at, there was a huge crowd gathered around  just outside on corner of the street and i could hear In The Flesh being played. I headed over there and was amazed at what i saw. There were three young kids (one was 9, one 11 and one was 14) playing drums, guitar and bass! They had amps and speakers set up and to say how old they were they were great! there were a lot of bum notes but they were just jamming and having fun a a crowd of approx at least 1500 people around were all getting into the spirit and singing along, it was great! 


Kids outside the venue

I made my way back up to the bar and Maria, Jack, and their daughter and son were already there. Zo and Anne arrived a little after and then Bob. We sat for an hour and chatted about how good the show was. It was possibly the last show for Bob and Andy and the last show for Maria for a couple of weeks. Same with Zo and Anne, they are trying to maybe do the MSG show on the 6th Nov.

Zo and Anne                                   Surrogate Zo!                                Maria having some post show fun 

DSCF4512 (Large)  DSCF4513 (Large)  DSCF4516 (Large)

We all said our goodbyes around midnight and i made my way back to my hotel a few blocks away.


  1. Wow... I'm all smiles at how much fun you and everyone had in Montreal. Ef US Customs! and those kids are AWESOME!! that's definitely going in a podcast!

  2. That one pic of Roger and Dave turned out really nice! And yay Snowy!! <3

    How cool there was a Jr. Floyd tribute band, I love to hear young kids play rock n'roll.

    Julie :)

  3. Wow, kids rock... I wonder if Roger is aware of impact he has on everyone.