Saturday, November 20, 2010

Atlanta to Houston…….

Woke around 7, showered, packed and made my way out to the airport. My flight out was at 10:45 a little later than i remembered but i was there on time and stopped in the Delta lounge for some juice and breakfast.

The flight was just under two hours and i fell asleep within minutes of getting on the plane and cant even remember take off! i woke around 30 minutes later and realised id seen a sight on the outside of the plane saying “wireless enabled” they had Wi-Fi on the plane!!!

I signed on and sure enough it was a mega quick connection and i downloaded the latest episode of Gossip Girl so id have it to watch in Houston,lol I took a couple of pictures of the clouds outside and put them on my facebook page.(by the way, if anyone on here who reads my blog has facebook then drop me an e mail with your details and i will add you, i do put a few more pictures and things on facebook as I'm travelling round more than i do on here!)

Clouds from the plane                                 Texas down below

DSCF6918 (Large)   DSCF6917 (Large)

The flight went really quick with being able to surf the net and i i started writing a few bits from my blog which i put up yesterday. The captain said the weather in Houston was sunny with a temperature of 75` and no chance of rain, i was happy! Took me 30 minutes or so to pick up the rental car due to the line and by 1pm i was on my way to my hotel on the outskirts of Houston. I had decided not to stay in the centre as i got a great deal on hotwire for the Omni hotel out near the Galleria mall, it was about 12 miles west of Houston but i was there for two nights and they had a great pool and gym so i knew id have some comforts for a couple of nights.

Hello Houston!                                   Nice Malibu i saw

DSCF6921 (Large)  DSCF6923 (Large)  DSCF6919 (Large)

I arrived around 2pm after hitting a bit of traffic on the highway and check into my room. The view from my room isn't anything special but i could see the pool and it looked so inviting. I put my swim shorts on and headed down there for a couple of hours while the sun was still warm. I headed back to my room and a couple of hours later went for a 30 minute workout in the gym. Then headed back up to my room and chilled out. I wasn't gonna go out for anything to eat but i hadn't eaten all day, had been swimming and then used the gym so at around 8pm i had a look at what was around me online and found  a Chipotle :) i also called at the local CVS Pharmacy and picked up a couple of things including some thing to hopefully kill my throat and cold problem that's seemed to still be just kicking around.

Pool at the Omni                                                  Gym at the hotel

P1150082 (Large)  154945_498147952593_535467593_7183853_904323_n

I got back to the hotel around 9pm, got into bed, had a quick chat opn the phone to a couple of friends and the next thing i know i woke around 6am this morning.


  1. Wow that's a nice pool! Did you have it all to yourself?

    Julie :)

  2. I did indeed, no one else was brave enough!