Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cape Coral to Tampa….

So after staying the night at my friend Gary and Debbie's house i awoke around 9am and had a couple of toasted English muffins for breakfast. By the time id showered, had breakfast and had i chat to Gary it was 10:30 and time for me to head out to Tampa. Just before leaving Gary gave me a zip lock bag with some of last nights cookies, a banana and a bottle of water, my own packed lunch for the drive:) cheers for theta Gary.

I said goodbye and started the two and a half hour drive to Tampa. Maria, Jack, Hassan and Amir had gone to Harry’s gig in Miami last night and i got their texts in the morning when i turned my phone on to say they had a fantastic time with all the band at the gig and there were no more than 100 people there. Dave, Graham, Marky and some others from the band got onstage to jam however Roger stayed on the floor enjoying himself. Maria called around 12 and sad they were about 3 hours away from Tampa and would see us at the hotel

DSC00184 (Large)  DSC00188 (Large)  DSC00214 (Large)

DSC00206 (Large)  DSC00207 (Large)  DSC00200 (Large)

The drive to Tampa was pretty uneventful, well for me, not for the guy in the truck that had gone into the grass between the 4 highway lanes and crashed! took about 15 minutes to get through the build-up of traffic that this had caused but that was the only problem along the way.

On my way to Tampa                                    WTF ??                          An Angel on  Harley!!

DSCF6440 (Large)  DSCF6442 (Large)  DSCF6443 (Large)

My throat seems to have been fine last night and this morning after having had a hot lemon drink before going to bed  however the colour of the stuff i was coughing up seemed to be the contrary, its bright green! I've got some penicillin anti-biotics with me so I'm gonna start taking them today and see how things go but I'm struggling a bit to be honest (I'm writing this entry on Thursday morning the day of the Atlanta show and my throats getting worse, nothing i can do thought but battle through it, I'm pretty sure I've picked up an infection and hopefully the pencilling will sort it out over the next couple of days)

I had a moment of worry when i turned to my right and saw a little green car that appeared to have no driver, for five seconds i thought WTF and then looked further forward and saw it was being towed.

Driverless car, driven by the GPS?       No, just being towed                          Arriving in Tampa

DSCF6444 (Large)  DSCF6445 (Large)  DSCF6448 (Large)

I got to the hotel around 1pm, Greg and Mike were already there as they had driven up the day before and stayed last night. I checked in, saw Greg in the bar, and headed straight down to the pool.The weather was fantastic, hot, sunny skies and about 85”

DSCF6454 (Large) 76188_495740302593_535467593_7156826_1200009_n

i laid on the sun lounger for a couple of hours, occasionally jumping in the pool just to cool down and then getting straight back on the lounger. Greg and Mike hung out by the pool and around 3pm Jack and Maria arrived. They didn't have tickets for tonight's show so i brought the laptop down to the pool area and within 20 minutes they had a great couple of seats  off the floor dead centre courtesy of Ticketmaster.

Marias Tattoo                                  I am so gonna rent one of these before i leave, maybe in CA:)

DSCF6456 (Large) DSCF6453 (Large)

We hung out at the pool for another hour before heading up to the bedroom to get ready for the show yet again. Maria and Jack were sharing the room with myself tonight as it was pointless them getting a room when i had a spare bed.

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  1. Wow, that's a beautiful back piece Maria has!

    You might want to try taking one of those immunity supplements like Airborne or Emergen-C as can't hurt! But I'm not surprised, dear, what with you mingling with thousands of people nearly every night!

    Lastly, Graham's hair continues to crack me up, he's so adorable.

    Julie :)