Monday, November 22, 2010

Couple of random things….



I meant to say in my Atlanta show that i met up with my good friend Matt Jaffe during the show, we haven't met up since the Dark Side shows and we never seem to have enough time to hang out and chat. Matt tried calling me from backstage to tell me to come back and chat and hang out but my cell phone battery had died. It was great to see you again Matt and tell your wife i said hi as i didn't get chance to tell her myself, hope you and the family enjoyed the show! Hope to see you sooner rather than later.

So tonight is show number 39! and I'm not one bit bored of it!

The flight to Denver I'm about to take is my 11th in 9 weeks!

I’ll be attending a friends wedding in Vegas in a couple of days time!!

Thanksgiving in Vegas with my friend Erin and her family.

Just wanted to thank everyone for the comments they leave on my blog entries, i do read them all even if i don't replay and I'm gonna start trying to reply to each of them so make sure you check back  after leaving a comment”


  1. Si,

    Great to hear you are still really enjoying the shows and seeing your friends in all the cities. Keep up the blog as I am loving it!


  2. So did you pack something nice and sparkly to wear to the wedding? :D

    Julie :)

  3. haha i didnt, its just trousers and a shirt, its a really casual affair and isnt really glitzy.