Sunday, November 14, 2010

Florida Day 2…….

Having a great time here at Ralphs house, here's the view from his yard!!

Ralphs house panorama small

So i did the sensible thing  last night and went to bed around 1am, i kept waking every hour and hearing the others partying away, this was till 5am when i woke and i heard silence!

I woke around 10am and surfed around on my laptop for an hour or so before getting up and putting on my running gear. 5 minutes before i headed out of the door Mari and Jack arrived. Everyone was still asleep so Maria and Jack went to check out the local stores as she wanted to buy a new camera and a GPS and i left for my run.I'm not used to running in such heat, it just about 78` which might not be real warm for people that live here in Florida but for someone who lives in the UK where were lucky if it gets up to that in the summer and where all the seasons roll into one season that only the UK has and calls it “Damp”! then its pretty warm! plus the humidity while not as bad as here during the summer its still high for me! i got 20 minutes down the street and i could tell it was a lot harder than i was used to. It was hard to get my breath and felt like i was getting no air while running! i managed about 35 minutes before i gave up and walked the rest of the way back to the house. My friend Gail from Phoenix had called me just as  set out so i called her back on my way back and chatted for 15 minutes. looking forward to seeing you and Joe in Vegas in 11 days time!!

By the time i got back Lorri, Ralph, Mike and Greg were all up and awake, Greg was so disappointed that he had missed the run with me, i could see in his eyes he was upset id left without him!! don't  worry Greg we have this morning and tomorrow:)

Ralphs house,right on the water!

 DSCF6143 (Large)  DSCF6147 (Large) 

I took a shower and sat down with Lori and Greg for a chat, i then remembered the cold pizza in the fridge and had a couple of slices for brunch! nothing like cold pizza the day after! Lori, Greg and Mike were feeling a touch worse for wear after their 5am bedtime however i gotta say they all looked great and there's no way id have looked that good had i stayed until that time, in fact i don't think I've ever stayed up till that time in the morning, i didn't even know there were two 5 o clocks in a day!!

Maria and Jack arrived back shortly and we all sat on the porch talking about tonight show, it was Mikes first time seeing the show so we had to try stay away from talking about any spoilers which we all managed pretty well. After me beating Jacks ass at darts Ralph decided to make another couple of fresh pizzas for lunch.

Ralph aking pizza

The pizzas were even better than yesterday! Ralph said this was due to the sauce being made a couple of days and having a lot more flavour. We all chilled out after lunch, Maria and Jack didn't have tickets for the show yet so i started looking on Ticketmaster around 2pm. They ALWAYS release tickets for the show the day of the show without fail and today was no exception. Up until around 2:45 there was nothing at all available and the gig was sold out but sure enough i hit refresh one more time and the tickets were released. First of all they released the side block right next to the stage. What happens is the day of the show after the stage set is all built up they then work out which area at the side they have to cordon off for the wall falling down and they then put the tickets for the seats that are left online. I knew there would be better ones available so just kept trying and within 20 minutes Jack and Maria had two of the best seats in the house. The second block to the side, 3rd row up and 2 seats on the aisle. They absolutely loved these seats!!


After getting the tickets Maria and Jack could relax and decided to drive back to their hotel about 45 minutes away so they could get ready for the show, they would meet us at Bahama Breeze bar before the show for drinks and we would all then walk across to the venue which was no more than a 15 minute walk and we all started to get ready for the show, i relaxed on the bed in my room for half an hour, the others took a shower and 45 minutes later we were all ready to head out to the venue

Leaving for the show              With Christina                     “Maria” myself and “Jack”     Myself and Christina

DSCF6153 (Large)  DSCF6155 (Large)  DSCF6157 (Large)  DSCF6158 (Large)

Maria and Jack left before we  took the above pictures however Maria had brought a big bag of pretzels from the store and jack had been drinking Coors light all morning hence the picture above of myself with “Maria & Jack” Lori and Ralphs daughter Christina wasn't going to the show but couldn't wait for us to all leave so she had the house to herself, i joked that i would call her 20 minutes before we would get home just so she could get everyone out of the house and hide any evidence of the party:) She had been getting me to say American words earlier on that she knew would sound strange in my English accent, things like toast, water and butternut. She was kinda surprised at how good my American accent was for saying these words though! that's just something that’s  come with practice after hanging out with Kami and her friend Jesse and a few other people!

More pics from day 2

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  1. Ha, now I just want to show up with some cold pizza! Italian food really does get better with age...I love how Ralph's musicial accompaniment is my favorite Gilmour guitar solo.

    Julie :)