Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New York 3rd show….

Headed over to the Local West bar around 5pm, met up with Matt, Wes, Franz and Jane, Couple of others joined us as the night went along and i was already getting De Ja Vu from meeting up here  only 4 weeks previous for the earlier New York show.

I love the Local West bar, unfortunately the bar loves me too and just wont let me go once i get in there! After having memories of been there several years ago and having slightly too much to drink i held back a little and took my time, didn't rush my Long Island Iced Tea’s and made sure i didn't go all out before the show!

Franz, Matt, Wes, Myself and Jane      Rick and i                                           Myself and Robert (such a great guy!)

DSCF5705 (Large)  DSCF5707 (Large)  DSCF5710 (Large)

Finally managed to meet up with my friend Rick whom had been a regular on the Roger Waters message board for over ten years and had been in touch by e mail before the show to arrange meeting up. Little did we both know the problems he would have getting into the show!

We hung out at the bar for a couple of hours before finally making our way over to the venue. It was great to be around so many friends at this show and i especially want to thank, Franz and Jane and John and Lesley for being such good friends. It was great to meet Ron's friend Robert and also to meet Kimberley and Valerie both whom had been following my blog and added me as a friend on facebook:)

Lesley and John                               Myself and Lesley                           Kimberley and Valerie

DSCF5722 (Large)   DSCF5725 (Large)  DSCF5716 (Large)

I was 12th row centre on the aisle for this show, my favourite place yet again however during In The Flesh i got a text from Rick to say he was downstairs and the tickets he had bought had turned out to be fake and could i help! i made my way down to the box office and after a few words with a few people was able to bring Rick and his friend up to the floor and help them out:) Glad you guys made it and hope you enjoyed the show!

Id missed a couple of things while trying to get Rick and his buddy into the show but when i got back i could see there had been problems with the schoolteacher puppet during Another Brick 2 as the teacher was still down and they were unable to retract it back, there was a roadie with a step ladder trying to sort the problem as the show went on. The venue was packed and totally sold out, the crowd were great they stood for the whole time and the atmosphere was far better than some of the shows the previous week where a lot of people remained seated!

DSCF5729 (Large)  DSCF5739 (Large)

The second half started and within minutes i was tapped on the shoulder by a girl and asked if i minded is she could stand next to me where there was a spare seat. Of course i said, she had a union jack T shirt on what else was a going to say:) I could tell she wasn't just a “general” fan as she knew every lyric to every track. We got talking between the tracks and it turned out she had driven down from Connecticut for the show, was a HUGE fan of the Wall album and had been introduced to her Floyd by here father.  After the wall came down (and in spectacular fashion!) we both made our way to the front rail and enjoyed Outside The Wall within feet of the stage and the band. Dave’s now taken to making a pose at me with his banjo after he sees me at the shows but i wasn't quick enough to take a picture,  I laughed and Jamie couldn't believe how close we were to the stage and seeing the smile on her face was just a perfect picture, i love seeing peoples reactions when they stand on the rail and the band come out after the wall comes down. After watching the band onstage under the red and coloured lighting and then seeing them come out after under the bright white lights they appear to be so much closer and look so much different!

Jamie and i after the wall falling

DSCF5780 (Large) 

We chatted for a while after the show and i invited Jamie over to the Local West bar after to meet back up with Matt, Franz, Wes, Robert and the others. We had a great post show time, in fact tooo good a time and once again the Local West bar had dragged me in and wasn't letting go!

Brad, Wes, Jane, Matt, Franz, Robert and Jamie.               Jamie, your second glass of wine didn't go to waste! lol

DSCF5782 (Large)    DSCF5783 (Large) 

DSCF5789 (Large)  DSCF5784 (Large)  DSCF5790 (Large)

We all had a fantastic time after the show, it was a great end to the NY shows and i know Matt, Wes, Franz and Jane were not be seeing any more shows and it was a great send off to the last show for them Honestly, i cant remember walking home or even getting back to the apartment, thanks to Brad for making sure i got back safe!

Jamie, it was fantastic to meet you and the way we met was made it even better! Its a shame about Philly but looking forward to you coming out to one of the other shows, keep reading the blog and keep in touch:)


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  1. What fun, and you got to be the hero! It's nice how you're meeting all kinds of new people in addition to all your old friends.

    Julie :)

  2. And what a night it was!! It was so much fun to enjoy it with you and everyone else again. The performance was fantastic, still thinking about Dave K's incendiary playing atop the wall. What a great way to end our run of shows!

    Glad that Brad got you home safe and sound. Hope we get to do it again sometime! (I can stop going to shows anytime! Really, I can!)

  3. Si,

    Excellent NY updates on your blog. Glad to see you really enjoyed the last of the NY shows.


  4. Simon,

    Rick just told me where to find your blog. I just wanted to thank you for everything. I mean everything! Wow! What a rotten night it would have been for us if it hadn't been for you.

    Also, I think you picked up the tab for my cheese fries and beer by accident. So, I owe you more than one. Let me know if you are ever back in NYC.