Saturday, November 06, 2010

New York (again) day 4

Woke around 9am wasn't expecting  today to be like it started.

Had a shower and watched an episode of 90210 on my laptop. I've bought a few T shirts while I've been out here but my case was seriously gull when i came out from the UK so i got a couple of flat rate boxes from the post office with the intention of mailing back some of my old T shirts and clothes i hadn't been wearing, just to make some room in my case! I lacked the stuff up and sealed the box and took it down to the post office on 23rd street. $46 to mail it back!!!! The T shirts and things in the box weren't even worth that amount, i figured id just throw the old  T shirts away at that price and not even ship them home! I dropped the box back into the apartment and then headed out over to Eaterly where i was meeting my friend Paula at2pm for lunch.

I walked past the poster painting guys and took these pics, judging by the amount they have done in the last 2 days id guess it must take then like 3 weeks to complete it!

DSCF5701 (Large)  DSCF5700 (Large)

I got to Eaterly early and put my name down for a table at the Pizza and Pasta restaurant, there was an hours wait but that was fine, i wasn't meeting Paula for 15 minutes and we were gonna have a look around inside first anyway.

We had a look round the market inside and then took a standing table just for appetizers at the cheese and ham restaurant. There's lots of smaller restaurant type places in Eatlay and you can order a glass of wince and a drink and just wander round the market with it in your hand and take it from one restaurant to the other. We ordered the plate of Mozzarella and prosciutto ham and i ordered a glass of Chianti, it was all as fresh as it could be and tasted amazing. By the time we had finished this and had a good chat we headed over to the Pasta restaurant and waited inline for 10 minutes before being seated at our table. id been here the last time i was in NY a few weeks ago and remembered the pizza was amazing, just like you get in Italy and nothing like NY pizza.We ordered the salami pizza and the butternut Squash Lasagne. They were both delicious, it was the first time i had tried squash and i loved it! it was strange to eat Lasagne and not have meet or tomato sauce in it however it was really nice. We split the lasagne and the pizza and had another glass of wine each and chatted for a good hour before leaving. Paula headed back to her apartment and i did the same.

Pasted a favourite place of mine on the way back, Shake Shack, its open year round in the middle of  one of the parks in NY and ALWAYS has a long line, said to be the best burgers in NY and the best frozen custard! I've had the burgers before and they are good but never tried the custard, Might call in tomorrow and try it before i leave NY.

DSCF5695 (Large)  DSCF5697 (Large)  DSCF5699 (Large)

I got back to the apartment, sat and had a chat with Julee for an hour or so and then caught up on a Gossip Girl on my laptop! didn't do much for the rest of the day/night, my head had been pounding most of the day and my neck was still hurting from pulling the muscle in it last weekend.

Will try get the New Jersey show reviews up today, have to ride the train out to Newark today to pick up the rental car, MSG show tonight and then drive to Philly in the morning. Its the New York marathon tomorrow so I'm hoping the i can still get out fairly early and arrive in Philly around noon. Clocks also go back here tomorrow night so I'll gain an extra hours sleep in Philly on Monday morning!

Its 4:22am now on Saturday morning, been awake for an hour or so and am gonna try get some more sleep


  1. You're going to wanna try a Philly cheesesteak whilst you are in Philly, no? Geno's, and Pat's steaks are the two opposing factions, in the PCSW(Philly CheeseSteak Wars), although there are other worthy foes, as well.
    Looking forward to meeting you on Monday, I'll ring your phone when I get into Pennsylvania.


  2. I'm still not sure I get the whole frozen custard thing (despite having eaten it!). Take it easy, m'dear, sounds like you'll have to find another masseuse at some point and maybe go for the migraine pills (the ones you can get over-the-counter, that is).

    Julie :)