Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Los Angeles day 3

So had a good lie in this morning, today was one of the first days for a while that i really had nothing to get up for! had no where to go, no where to be, no one to see so i made the best of it. laid in bed till around 11 ish, showered  chilled out, messed about online and Kami and I headed out to the same Mexican restaurant i went to yesterday as i enjoyed it that much.We had the nachos, and the sizzling steak fajitas, they were awesome but we both ate way too much!

View from the restaurant                   Sizzling fajitas                                Kamis tequila “shot”

162833_10150090265767594_535467593_7268924_905429_n  149141_10150090880467594_535467593_7277586_3034281_n  156091_10150090892367594_535467593_7277665_3514856_n

I LOVE Mexican food, i jus wish it was as popular in the UK as it was here in CA! id be fat as hell if it was though!

By the time we’d finished lunch it was 3pm, i was sooooo full and just need to walk it off so we walked across to the beach and walked for 45 minutes. unfortunately we had missed the warmest part of the day and it was a little chilly walking down by the ocean, the cold really doesn't bother  me that much at all though and i still took my shoes and socks off and walked in the waters edge.

DSCF8448 (Large)  DSCF8455 (Large)  155974_10150090902472594_535467593_7277821_2297263_n

Just shows that Big Mother is always watching!

DSCF8635 (Large) 

By the time we got back to the hotel it was 4pm and it was an hours drive to the venue, we freshened up and headed out to the pre show meet up. Again we were all meeting up at the Yard House and Eric, Tony, Maria, Matt and a few other all came along and we had a great time hanging out for an hour or so before the show.

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  1. So not even the freezing Pacific make you shiver in your skin? :op

    Julie :)