Saturday, December 25, 2010

Part 2…….(26th Dec now updated with surprise pictures)

So i finally arrive in Washington DC ate 2:30! I walk towards immigration with thoughts of getting in and out of Ottawa a few weeks ago in my head. I’m the first inline and head through, “what’s the purpose of your visit” asks the stern Immigration guy “just to see friends for the holidays” i replied. As i replied i could see he had already picked up the rubber stamp and proceeded to strike it down onto a blank page in my passport!! he hands it me back and wishes me happy Holidays! WOW easiest entry into the USA ever!
And now the moment of truth! I head to carousel number 6 to wait for my luggage, after waiting 5 minutes i hear my name along with 3 others on the loudspeaker. I report to the desk as asked and my suspicions are confirmed, my bag is still in Paris! The only negative about this was my GPS was in my case and i didn't know where i was going, soon sorted that out though. My bags are apparently being delivered to me tonight or tomorrow however i don't think they were aware that an hour  after me flying out of Paris they closed the airport! We’ll see when they turn up but in the meantime I've bought  some new “essentials” from the Target down the street!!
So i get the shuttle bus out to the Alamo car rental, pick up the rental car and head over to the Gaylord Hotel just across the street from where Mark and the family are seeing the ice sculptures. I text mark and he replies saying they are  out of the exhibition and in the sports bar having a drink and some food just down the escalator in the hotel where i am, he also says they are  at a table under the big screen in the bar.
I head on down the escalator and peep through the door, i saw them all sat at the table and pulled my head back from the door. I then just decide to sneak in and take my chance. As luck would have it mark knew i was coming and saw me walking in and distracted Kami and Kim asking them to look his way so he could take their picture. I walked faster up behind them and it was at this point that i saw Beth noticed me and i read her lips as she said “oh my gosh there's Simon” As i got up behind the girls i put my arms around them and said “ can one of you two order me a long island iced tea” they both turned around and were totally shocked at what they saw! ME!! Kim burst into tears within seconds and i don't think Kami still realised it was real and that i was actually stood in front of her! Brent was pretty shocked too and Beth just looked at me and said “ what are you doing here” i told her id come over to taste some of the cookies which she had made. This was a real payback for them surprising me in Omaha and i really got them good! I sat down and ordered a Long Island iced tea which was well deserved after the travelling id been through. Marks mom Beverly is staying with them for Christmas too and id met her in Denver a few years ago, such a lovely lady and its so nice that she was here to see the whole surprise
I tried to get a couple of pics while Kim and Kami had the surprised look on their faces and i think Mark took either some pics or video which I'll get off him and put up here when i can.
Mark saw me come in and was distracting the girls as i approached, they hadn't seen me at this point.
P1030053 (Large)
Kim was in tears and Kami couldn't believe id just surprised her!
P1030054 (Large)
Me checking Kami was ok after seeing her being in shock! (Kim and Brent looking on)
P1030055 (Large)
What was going to be a pretty bleak and non eventful Christmas for me has already turned into one of the best i can remember and I've only been here 6 hours!!
Merry Christmas everyone and i hope you all have a fantastic festive season with the people you love and care about, i know i am!
Beth by the Gunzinger tree!         Me by the tree in the hotel           Kami, Brent, Kim, Beverly and Mark
DSCF9786 (Large)  DSCF9775 (Large)  DSCF9776 (Large)
P.S. Oh and i tried eggnog for the first time tonight and i love it!!


  1. Merry Christmas Si. Glad it all worked out and you could be with Floydian Family.


  2. Lost luggage and visiting the Gaylord Hotel? A link to another one of my fave comedy films - Meet The Parents! lol...

    Hope you are having a GREAT Christmas Si - you really deserve it fella. :)

    Take care and hopefully see you in Jan.

  3. Hee, I recognize Kami's scarf! That hat is just too cute, Miss K!

    I'm so glad it's going to be a Happy Xmas after all for all of you, and that you get to be with your American family. Easy on the 'nog though!

    Julie :)

  4. This is the nicest Christmas story I've ever heard. Welcome back to the States Si and merry Christmas. Its snowing here too, very rare for these parts on Christmas.

    Greg Hampton

    ps: Put a little bourbon in the eggnog =o)

  5. VERY well done simon!
    you are top+notch at making others happy.
    happiness begets more happiness...