Sunday, April 03, 2011

Barcelona show 2…….

So after finding a place to take my laptop to be repaired i went back to collect it later in the afternoon only to be told that its not only the hard drive that has failed but the motherboard!i not sure i believe them to be honest so I'm going check it out when i return home on the 10th April.
At the moment its the 3rd April and I'm sat in the hotel in Milan after having to PC access for 4 or 5 days and just this minute having time t type up about the second show in Barcelona and the  last few days and shows in Milan.
So my friend Monica from Barcelona was coming to the gig with us tonight and we all met at the hotel roof top around 7pm. Monica isn't a HUGE Floyd fan but knows a few tracks and was excited to see the show.
We all picked our tickets up at the box office around 7:45 and Jackie, Dave, myself and Monica made our way into the venue and then to the hospitality area backstage to see Dave and the guys.Dave had arrange for a pass to be able to meet Monica and i cant thank him enough again for that. We had a chat to Snowy whom id seen a few days ago in Madrid and i introduced Monica and explained to Monica who Snowy was! lol  Jon, Marky and pat came over to see us next and then Robbie. it was the first time id seen Robbie since the USA and it was good to catch up and have a chat. Dave came to see us all and met Monica and posed for some pictures and assured us he was back on form after having  been ill for the 3 days while he was in Barcelona! a lot of the band and some of the crew have been having sickness problems over the last week but everyone appears to be back to full health now.
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i met a guy (John) backstage who was from the UK magazine “Uncut” and was doing a review of the show and an article about the fans that follow the shows around! He had been told to look out for Simon and Kevin and fortunately bumped into me!! We had a good long chat about the shows and he took a few pictures and notes and then made his way to his seat in the venue.
John and i backstage                                            Monica and Dave K                Monica on her way backstage
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Around 8:50 we made our way to our seats  which were the first block on the side  at the left of the stage, great seats and as i was still going a bit hot and cold due to my cold it was nice to sit down and relax and see the show rather than standing. Monica, myself, Jackie and Dave were all sat next to each other in one of my favourite places to sit in the whole of the venue.
The show itself was fantastic and even better than last nights! the sound was just as good but i got the feeling the band were a lot more relaxed and their playing seemed a lot tighter than it had been in Madrid or Lisbon or even Barcelona the night before. John the “Uncut” guy was sat on the end of the row behind and i kept him in touch with where to look and hat to look for during the show.
After the show we all made our way down towards out hotels, Kevin and i had an 8:45 flight flight to Milan and had to be up for 6am and Jackie and Dave had an 11am flight back home to the UK. Monica really REALLY enjoyed the show, she had a smile from ear to ear after the gig and I'm pretty sure the glow from meeting a lot of the band members backstage was still evident!

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  1. Poor Dave, he can't get a break from the nasty bugs! But those uniforms are sure've got to get me a photo of Robbie in his, pretty please?!
    (Did he tell you I sent him the link to your blog?)

    Julie :)