Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lodz 1st show…

From the outside the venue looked pretty small, what you don't realise though is that a lot of it is underground and upon entering we could see it was a lot wider than the usual venues and the seats at the side were way higher than normal. It was clearly visible that the wall was bigger as well, not in length or height but the amount of wall at the bottom by the side seating area was a lot more, kind of hard to explain but there was a lot more wall for the visuals to be projected on  between the floor and the start of the seating at the side as you can see from the picture below

DSCF0923 (Large)  DSCF0924 (Large)

We had tickets for standing in the golden circle tonight and made our way through to the front left of the stage. The crowd seemed a bit reserved again but no where near as they were in Prague. The show went pretty much without fault, only the odd bit of feedback here and there. The crowd were in good spirit and clapped when they should have done and were silent at the right times too.

Plane crash in Lodz

Polish for no fucking way                         

DSCF0901 (Large)  DSCF0894 (Large)  DSCF0905 (Large)

At the end of Goodbye Cruel World the words INTERMISSION came up on the wall to let people know there would be a break, only the word doesn't mean anything to English speaking Polish people or the crowd just didn't understand but they stayed stood and seated waiting for something to happen! they thought it was still part of the show. As the fallen hero pictures were projected onto the wall they clapped, then as one lot faded out and another lot came on they clapped again, still not realising it was a break in the performance. It was really strange and something I've not seen happen before!

I found an empty seat off to the side for the second half of the show and sat there for the duration. It was slightly further away than where I've sat before and gave me a great view of the crowd and the projections, for the first time i could see and tell that it was indeed Rogers eyes that are on the screen at one point in the show! I also noticed the picture of Chairman Mau hanging on the inside of the hotel room wall!

IMG-20110418-00772 (Large)   DSCF0935 (Large)

Seeing Run Like Hell and Waiting for the Worms from seated on the side is fantastic, its just the best place in the house to see the projections, the band, the pig and the interaction of the audience

Run Like Hell

The wall came down great again but nothing like it did in Prague. Once again, before the band come back onstage you could hear Roger practicing on the trumpet and blowing a few notes, Jon Joyce mentioned this today and he thinks its that as the crowd are totally silent  after the wall falls that's the reason you can hear it, I'm still not sure, i don't know if its actually coming through the PA, the music monitor speakers or its just the sound from the trumpet when Roger is in the tunnel waiting to come out, you could definitely hear a pin drop before they come out though, its deadly silent!

Wall fall Lodz

It was a fantastic show with a great crowd and cant wait to do it all again tomorrow!


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