Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Milan sightseeing day 3…

We were all up and awake for 10am and decided to do the Milan “hop on, hop off” sightseeing bus and leave the hotel at 11:45 to catch it just down the street. Jens, Rainer, Judith, Philippe and a few others were going to see the Duomo today so we all said we’d meet up at a restaurant around the corner at 5pm for dinner before heading out to the show together.

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Joe and Zach                                     Waiting for the open top bus

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We took the Blue line tour first that took us all through the streets of Milan, we each got a pair of headphone as we got on the bus and could select from different languages on the tour as the narrative took us through the sites as we went along. Jeff would have been proud of me as when the narrative stopped i changed Kami's audio from English to French without her realising and it took her a minute or two to realise! She got me back good though by doing it several times and me trying to understand what some German chick was saying about some building in front of me.

Joe and Kim on the bus                      myself and Kami                                Mark getting a little hot

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Kim and Joe left the bus to try see The last Supper after they missed the trip yesterday and Mark, Beth, Kami and i got off the bus at the Castello (castle) to have a look round.

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There was an exhibition of some of Leonardo de Vinci's work on so we paid the 6 euros and went to have a look round that. Again just as yesterday it was amazing to be able to get so close to one of his paintings and almost touch it!

Beth, Mark and Kami viewing the painting      Signed by the man himself in 1515!!!             The painting

DSCF7872 [1024x768]     DSCF7876 [1024x768]    DSCF7878 [1024x768]

Newly renovated area of the Castello:

DSCF7879 [1024x768]  DSCF7880 [1024x768]  DSCF7881 [1024x768]

Kim sent me a message to say they couldn't get to see the Last Supper painting and would get back on the bus at the next stop, the one after ours.

The fountain outside the Castello                Back on the tour bus

DSCF7882 [1024x768]  P1030373 [1024x768]

We had picked the red line tour bus up now and this took us on a different route around the city, ending up about 1/2 mile from hotel where we would be back for about 4pm in time to meet up with everyone at the restaurant at 5pm. you can tell mark’s a military man and i love that I'm not the only one that loves to plan things on time and down to the exact detail!

We got back to the hotel as expected, chilled out, freshened up and then headed out to the restaurant around the corner. unfortunately the one we had planned to go to was closed till 7pm and we had a show to go to then!  We all met up a little down the street at another restaurant and a few more faces arrived whom had flown in today for the second show only. Mark Poole and his wife and Matt and his brother.everyone else form the night before was there and although it wasn't the best restaurant and service in Milan we had a good meet up before walking up to the central station to get the Metro to the venue.

Pre show meet up

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Few pictures of the guys during the day

George, Philippe, Kevin and Matt        Philippe and Rainer                          Philippe, Nigel, Rainer and Jens

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It was certainly a lot easier (and cheaper) to get to the venue tonight, the green metro line takes you straight from the central station to the venue, takes all of 25 minutes at the most and costs 3 Euros! the show tonight was standing and i knew it would be a lot better atmosphere than last night and was looking forward to it a lot more.


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