Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leaving Dublin….

Just leaving Dublin to fly back to London for a couple of nights before flying out to Paris. Fantastic 2nd show in Dublin last night, sound guys sorted the sound  being a little low the first night by adding more speakers in the lower sections.

Will write a few more words over the next couple of days.

Sightseeing in Dublin

“A sea of faces” in Dublin                    Kevin and Philippe in the spotlight      All of you!!!!

P1030555 (Large)  P1030511 (Large)  P1030550 (Large)

Wall fall

P1030577 (Large)   P1030578 (Large)


  1. Great pics as usual, in particular the ones of the wall falling and the crowd.

    Kevin Thackray

  2. The "falling" shot is superb! It's great you can capture those moments for us from just about any vantage point in the arena. Interesting that the PA needed some adjustment (since they have that software/algorithm or whatever it is which automatically adjusts for any venue).

    Julie :)

  3. this is the first time i see this blog - amazing!!!!!!!

    i was at the first show in dublin, came all the way from Israel with my sister to see Roger. we stood in the first row and took some great pics, that was one of the best night in my life...

    now i'm starting to count the days untill the last show in paris, meanwhile, i'll be living my life through your blog :)