Thursday, June 16, 2011

Berlin day 1….

Had a fun day in Berlin today and a great show tonight, more details soon.
Couple of pictures below, one i took of Kevin and Jens in 2002 when we were in Berlin for Rogers In The Flesh tour and one i took earlier today nearly 10 years later! Shame Jens couldn't have been there. The painting on the Berlin wall has been redone since the last time i was here and it looks fantastic now.
26529_386321859673_788419673_3736213_5434975_n  DSCF2186 (Large)

Video below of boxing cats (starts at 24 seconds for about 4 seconds) that i mentioned in the Herning review.

And the snarling and weight lifting dog!!

Full album of pictures below:


  1. the video boxing cat not work

  2. Thanks, sorry about that, hopefully they will work now.

  3. The dog is hilarious - it's like he's trying to give a toothy smile and failing dismally! Well done for capturing them Si...