Saturday, June 11, 2011

Travelling to Hamburg and show 1…

Kevin and i took the train from Frankfurt around noon and arrived in Hamburg about 4pm. It was cool listening to the Pros and Cons on the headphones whilst on the train and hearing lines like “i see west German skies on the ceiling” and “on the outskirts of some German town”

“West German skies on the ceiling “   “As cars go by i cast my minds eye”  Tea and cake on the train

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We had looked for a hotel in Hamburg online yesterday and due to it being a huge holiday weekend in Germany there was very little available and what was available was expensive. Kevin knew a small B&B type place over a bar just by Hamburg station, we called up and booked that just in case we couldn't find anything else when we got there.

When we did arrive I looked after the bags while Kevin went to try find a place to stay, he was back within 5 minutes with a better place than we had booked for a cheaper price, two doors down from the original place.

We checked in, unpacked, freshened up and then took the train out to the venue. Id been here 4 years ago for the Dark Side show, i’ll always remember it as Kevin walked up to the box office window when we arrived and bough 6 front row dead centre tickets an hour before the gig started! however there were seven of us there at that show and as we all sat down there was a spare 7th seat!! Karma worked for us then.

As some of you may know there's been a big outbreak of E coli which is said to have stemmed from Hamburg this past couple of weeks! I don't eat salad at all but its funny seeing the signs in restaurants saying they will serve burgers without salad and even the little sandwich bar on the station platform had a sign warning stating that all their salad was produced in Germany!

No E coli here!


After the short 20 minute train ride and a 15 minute walk from the station to the venue we met up with Berto and Elzira from Brazil, they had flown up from Zurich the day before and tonight was their next to last show before flying home! they had been out here for 4 weeks, seen 20 shows and were a little sad to be going back to Brazil. Dennis and Thomas Dobberham from Germany arrived and we had a chat with them outside before they headed into the venue.

I had 15th row centre for the show tonight, i made my way in early and had a chat with Pat (Lennon) and spent a couple of minutes chatting to Dave K. I wandered around and met up with my good friend Thomas Mueller, we hadn't seen each other since the Dark Side show 4 years ago and was great to see him again and catch up. he had been reading my blog and complemented me on it, as did another guy Guntmar who I'd never met before but had seen a link to my blog on Matt's excellent Brain Damage sight and been reading it even since.

Pat signing some pictures for Thomas and Dennis


Kevin came in later after managing to upgrade his ticket outside to a place next to me. The show has been starting at 8:15 in most of the venues in Europe but both Zurich and tonight were 8pm dead on the button.

Sound was great tonight, not as good as Zurich but it you hadn't been to Zurich you wouldn't know any difference (if that makes sense) and Roger continues to spit on the floor when sat on the lower part of the wall (much to the upset of Kevin).

I have to say that the kids on Another Brick tonight were the worst I've ever seen at any of the shows. They came out and lined up and just stood there and clapped, they looked like they were there because they had to be and didn't look to be enjoying it one bit. i did wonder if the German people are a bit too serious for this type of thing ? The crowd were ok but as Thomas had told me earlier, the German crowds are always quiet (i bet that's not true at the Berlin shows!) Another little thing I've been meaning to mention is to watch Roger and GE for the last minute of Young Lust, they just jam together and move in time with each other really close like Roger used to do with Andy Fairweather Low a lot.

At intermission Elzira and Berto came to sit next to Kevin and i and the empty seats around us, of which there were about 20! George and Sabina also came to sit next to us, they had driven over for the shows and arrived late so i hadn't had chance to see them before the show.

Second half was as good as ever performance wise, i do wish you’d start to move about a bit more again though Dave during Run Like Hell.Said track brought the crowd to their feet for the first time alas it didn't last as they all started to sit down at the beginning of Waiting for the Worms.

This is the Dave K we all want to see again:)


Wall fall wasn't the best tonight with a lot of it falling backwards onto the stage, it still brought a huge cheer from the crowd though.

We all took the train back to Hamburg after the show, i headed to bed and the others headed for the pub!


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