Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And then it was over...........

Great show last night, ninety five shows, six months, hundreds of friends and thousands of memories. Thanks to everyone for making it a fantastic journey..

More Athens reviews soon.


  1. Hi Simon!
    This feels a little like autumn after a long hot summer. What a great blog this is! It´s been great following you on your Wall crusade and I am also glad that we met in Stockholm in May. The poster I bought from you will always be a fine memory of both the great Wall-show but also of yourself. Shine on Simon and best wishes from Rune (friend of moonwall).

  2. Congratulation Simon for fantastic journey. I was lucky to see four shows (Zagreb, London 2 and Paris) and it was great pleasure to meet you and other AFGers in London. Many thanks for priceless tips and inspiring blog that we all enjoyed and gave me incentive to go to London and Paris. The ones who really love you walk up and down outside the wall... Well, thank you, thank you very much indeed. :)

  3. quite honestly, the tour would not have nearly been the same without you si. you brought a great many human beings together and created wonderful times and great memories. well done sir.


  4. No, THANK YOU! xoxoxo
    (And I guess we can thank that merry band and their cohorts too.)

    Julie :)

  5. Don't get too emtional Si, what an adventure! There's more to come next year! Great being (hopefully) one of the friends and taking part in some of the memories. Now go write a book all about it, oh, you just have! lol

  6. It's not over. It will be time for Part 3 early next year :0). Thanks for documenting some of the greatest times of my life. And the 90 shows I didn't go to, you brought me along with your blog. And If it weren't for your drunken texts, I never would have thought to go to Paris. Please, send me some drunken texts next year convincing me to go to South America! :0)