Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The making of the Athens banner

This video shows how the banner at the Athens shows was made.


  1. waiting for Athens 3th show. :)

  2. Alright that nice one,good luck on travels

  3. Hi Simon,
    I met you guys at The Pilot before one of the 02 concerts in London April 2011. I saw a couple of shows in London where I live. In 2010, too impatient to wait, I flew to Buffalo in the US to see The Wall. Now I am leaving the UK in 11 days to fly to Australia to see The Wall in Brisbane. So three continents in three years, as well as seeing the original one in Earls Court more than three decades ago. What an excuse to travel. Got South America in my sights too!!!

  4. Thats fantastic Emily, have an amazing time. Hope to see you in Argentina!! drop me a message if you make it and we'll meet up for a drink:)