Friday, July 15, 2011

Roger's Athens intro video

Athens 2011

Translation below thanks to Eddie Loukopoulos

Good evening Greece, welcome! ,

(then saying it louder after the "he'll edit all that crap out (lol)"

we came here..

"what's that..?"

we came here to build.. THE WALL!

we want to make a film with you, and us. But I need your help. As it's written in your ticket.. no mobile phones or cameras. Please..!

Please, if you have a mobile phone or a camera with you, turn it off and leave it in your pockets.. (it's the part that he says with a "god this is fucking hard" voice, it's hilarious!)


It is hard! Yeah, it is! (hahahaha!)

I remember the Dark Side of the Moon (he means the concert) in 2007..

I remember what a great audience you were..

For that, we wanted to return to Athens!

So, have a great time. Let's go! (raises fist)

Also, when you see flowers on the track Empty Spaces, please put on your masks.. alright?

"That's it"!


  1. That is hysterical! And also incredibly endearing.

    Julie :)

  2. Si, is it possible to get one of your Greek-speaking friends to translate the part he talks about the Dark Side film?


  3. It's not about the film, he's talking about the DSOTM tour in 06-07 and the Athens concert of that tour!

    Still I can post a translation if anyone wants it!

  4. That would be great if you could e mail me a translation Eddie, thanks si

  5. Ahh ok, thanks for clearing that up Eddie.


  6. "For that, we wanted to return to Athens."
    Ah, Roger Waters, born diplomat! ;o)

    Julie :)