Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WYWH gig

Joe and Kim followed Kami and I back to the hotel to leave their car; they would share our room for the night. The four of us took one car to the venue, arriving around 8:30. The show was due to start at 9 P.M., so Kami and I picked up our tickets from the Merchandise table. Eroc happened to be there, and we had a chat before the show.
Michael, Suzanne, Kim and Joe were at a table in front of the stage. Kami and I were towards the back of the venue, but had great seats. (Thanks again Eroc!) We all hung out and had a drink before taking our seats for the show around 9 P.M.
While I'd seen videos and heard audio clips of WYWH, I was ever so impressed with the whole stage show and the musicians onstage.
View from our seats, great little venue with booths and tables in front of the stage
P1060975  P1060998 (Large)
The band were onstage for over 3 hours!! They had a 20-minute intermission, and the set list included all of Animals from start to finish! I have to say, they were one of the best “fraud” bands I've ever seen. The sound, the stage set, the set list--everything was fantastic, and these guys were so professional. It was amazing.
P1060988 (Large)  P1070012  P1070024 (Large)
At intermission we headed back to the guys' dressing room to have a chat for a bit, then took our seats for the second half. Michael and Suzanne very kindly offered us their seats for the second half, and they took ours. (I can't thank you both enough for this.) I can say for sure I'm definitely gonna be out in OH to see these guys again.

Me, Joe, Michael, Eroc, Kami, Jamie, Suzanne and Kim   Eroc and Kim after the show
P1070035 (Large)  P1070040 (Large)
Full album of pics below:
Kami and I started the drive back to Virginia the next day and arrived back Monday afternoon. I'm so happy we all managed to meet up and have a fantastic weekend. It was certainly worth changing my flight. I have a few more days in VA before flying down to Buenos Aires this weekend for 9, yes NINE, Wall shows. :)


  1. Great band and great people! WYWH is one of the things I shall miss by no longer living in Ohio; their shows are literally "family events" in our house.

    Glad you got to see them, it is a show worth experiencing.

    D. Copp

  2. Love the adventures of you blog of Simon! And Roger Waters too of course! I attended the October 24/10 show at the Palace of Auburn Hills, and will this year be attending the show at Joe Louis arena in Detroit. Not sure if you are going to make it to Detroit again but if so let me know, and maybe we'll see each other and say hi~