Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Few random pictures from the shows and Buenos Aires


Friends at the show                            The rear of the screaming face wall    With the “most famous person in Chile”

DSC02511 DSC02666 DSC02681


Dave K and Kami onstage                  Roger and the huge banner in BA        Roger wandering the streets of BA

DSC02684 Baires%20Wall%202 691hs6


Elzira and Dave K                              Pre show meet up at Bar 6                 Elzira and Kami at the show

_DSC0151 _DSC0495 _DSC0500


Kami and I at the show                       Angelica and Christian at the show    Marcelo, Elzira, Kami, Christian, Chile

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Diego Maradona! (sort of)                              Kami with big pink!                            Me at the Four Seasons

P1070671 P1070677 P1070680


  1. love the street shot of Roger with the guitar case...looks like its shot through a window?

  2. I loved the pics!!! Ange