Sunday, March 11, 2012

Night 4, Day 5

After last night's show Mario, Georg, Kami, and I took a taxi to the area where our apartment is--Palermo Soho. Mario was staying in a hotel nearby, and Georg was in a hotel a few miles away.
Buenos Aires is certainly a night/early morning city! Georg was saying that his guide book suggested going out for dinner around 9 P.M., then take a rest before heading out to the bars only after 2 A.M.! We found a table inside a bar that was pretty busy already, and it was only 1:30 A.M.! Kami and I shared a bottle of wine, and we ordered a split a pizza between the four of us. We made our way out of the bar around 3 A.M. only to find it was raining pretty hard, and this pretty much killed the outdoor nightlife. We got back to the apartment already knowing that tomorrow (Saturday) we would have a lazy morning and just chill out.
We headed out to Starbucks around 11:30 A.M. and returned to the apartment a couple of hours later to shower and get ready to meet up with friends. We met at a bar a few blocks up the street around 3 P.M. before we would all head out to the 3rd show. Mario, Alex and Georg would be there, but we were also meeting our friend Elzira from Brazil, plus a few other friends from Norway and Uruguay.


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