Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, driving to Phoenix…

Woke around 9am and Gail, Joe and myself were in the car and on our way driving to Phoenix by 10am James was flying back to New Jersey today and i was sad to have to say goodbye, we've had such a good time this past week but we’ll be meeting up at other shows soon. Matt was flying to Phoenix today and Eric was flying over in a couple of days time.

Takes about 6 hours to drive to Phoenix from San Diego and there's nothing much to see apart from dessert and some cool rock formations.

P1050281 (Large) P1050282 (Large) P1050283 (Large)

Wes topped at an Ihop for breakfast about 90 minutes into the journey and that was the first time id got out of the car and experienced the dessert heat. The temperature gauge on the car was 107`!!

We passed a cool “spaceship” motel on the way to Phoenix and about 30 minutes before we got there i called Matt to see where he was. He had landed an hour or so ago and made his way downtown. We arranged to pick him up and then headed to Gail and Joe’s house via the store to get pasta for tonight's dinner. I also picked up some sun tan lotion, i was already like a lobster after catching the sun at the beach in San Diego and didn't want to get burned any more than i already was!

Spaceship motel                                 Its just aluminium siding really!           Lobster boy!

P1050289 (Large) P1050288 (Large) 560591_308238079254854_100002059948211_752904_1215083846_n

Gail and Joe had kindly offered Matt and i a place to stay tonight at their house, Gail cooked pasta and meatballs and after a 20 minute walk up to the pool we were all back at the house watching TV. Gail and Joe had been telling Matt earlier on about the wild animals that are around here, Snakes, Coyotes Scorpions etc etc Gail then noticed her cat “Jackie Chan” had spotted something on the floor in the living room. Gail jumped up and went to see what it was, she then squealed to Joe to come over and “get it” I then heard the words “its a Scorpion and its a huge one” i instantly jumped up stood on the top of the chair i was sitting on, much to the amusement of Gail.  Matt jumped up and squealed and stood on the sofa chair. Joe was left with the job of catching/killing it and getting it out of the house!

Dead scorpion


I was in bed by 9pm! i had felt my flu coming back as we were driving over in the car and I’d picked something up at the store to take before i went to sleep. Gail and Joe were working tomorrow so Matt and i would be up and getting a taxi to our hotels in downtown Phoenix for the night of the show.


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