Friday, May 18, 2012

Phoenix show…

It was a normal size arena tonight,first time id been here was in 2000 for the In The Flesh show, id then been a second time in 2010 for the first leg of the wall tour and tonight i was back again.

Everyone was spread out around the Arena again tonight, i got in there around 7:15 and took in the atmosphere a bit. Bumped into John Slanina from San Fran and had a chat to him for a good half hour. Went and had a chat with my friend Robert and then went and said hi to another friend from Phoenix, Edgar.

I was sitting in my 2nd favourite place tonight, right next to the wall on the right side as you look at the stage. Whilst the view from here doesn’t let you see the projections real well or the band behind the wall, it does give you a great view of the crowd, the plane coming down and youre right in the heart of it when Roger comes over to the side and the crowd go wild.

View from my seat.

Phoenix panorama small

Roger now does a small talk after the end of the new Another Brick ending (the Jean Charles track) he tells the crowd a bit about Jean Charles and explains how he was shot in the back of the head. The last couple of shows he’s also said “If e give the police and the government too much power we are on a very slippery slope” this generates a HUGE response of cheers and applause from the crowd.

P1050315 (Large) P1050313 (Large) P1050322 (Large)

The band sounded great but i could tell there was something different from Dave’s classical guitar parts, it just sounded different and i couldn't put my finger on what it was. He later sent me a message saying he had problems with his regular guitar and had to use a replacement that he didnt like and he thought it sounded terrible. I wouldn't have said terrible, just different somehow.

I noticed sitting in front of me a couple of rows down were a couple of young guys wearing turbans, they were Sikhs. I only mention this as it show how much Rogers music appeals to not only different cultures but races, religions and genders!

Franks brother and friends                  Big guns Roger                                  THANK YOU!

P1050395 (Large) P1050405 (Large) P1050407 (Large)

Roger has taken to “freezing” again at the end of Bring The Boys Back Home, this is something he’s done in previous tours at certain parts of the show and ive only seen him do it during Comfy Numb up until the Phoenix show. He stands there onstage “frozen” for 30 seconds or so, sometimes glancing at the crowd and smiling but never moving anything but his eyes.

For the last few tracks i went down onto the floor to my favourite position, right on thr front rail infront of Dave and Snowy. Hearing the monitor speakers instead of the FOH PA is great, seeing the viens on Rogers neck standing out while he’s singing (or not!) is also great to see.

It was nice to feel some “wall wind” tonight, its been a while, too long infact since i felt it. The shows in Buenos Aires and the outdoor shows in the US have the stage set a little higher and further back than the normal arena shows so its kind of hard to feel the wind as the wall falls down.

P1050437 (Large) P1050438 (Large) P1050441 (Large)

It was nice to see the guys at the end and have a little laugh and an inside joke with Dave K while he was onstage, the guys really do enjoy this part of the show, Being able to actually see the audience and the crowd due to the lighting etc i know makes them so happy, you can see this by watching Robbie and Jon and Marky especially, they love it.

P1050447 (Large) P1050445 (Large) P1050446 (Large) 

Tonight wa not only another great show but another great pre show meet up. As the shows have been going on its been great to meet new and old friends, there's usually a “core” group of us that attend a few shows together and when one of those people have to fly home its always a shame. Jackie, Dave, Wendy, James, Gail and Joe I’ve had such a good time with you at the shows and miss you all terribly. Matt, Eric and i are the only ones left here in LA as i type this, we are still having fun but not too much without everyone else:)

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