Thursday, May 17, 2012


Gail and Joe headed out to work this morning and Matt and i took a cab to our hotels downtown. Matt and Eric were in the Sheraton and i was slumming it in a Budget Motor Inn a few blocks on. I’ve been to Phoenix several times before, the first time for Rogers In The Flesh show in 2000. When i was here then all i remember is how hot it was, it was 108’ and I’d never experienced heat like it.

Today was 107’ at 2pm, i really don't know how people do it out here. I am still getting over my flu from last week and didn't do a lot apart from chill out in the hotel room this afternoon. I think the main reason this flu has been hanging around is due to me being in and out of different climates, in and out of Air conditioned rooms plus being in different cars and on several airplanes!

My room for tonight

P1050454 (Large)

Tonight was a show night and Gail and i had arranged a pre show meet up at a nice little bar/restaurant a block behind the venue called Coach & Willies. I left my hotel to walk over there about 4:30.It was still hot, 101’ to be exact. I walked the 8 blocks to the meet up bar and couldn't believe how hot it got just walking out in the open air.

I had about 6 or 7 friends coming to the show tonight, Frank and Dora who had been in San Diego with us, Joes brother Tom and his wife, Gail's friend Dianne and my friend Robert and his son. The bar, food and drink were great and we had a great time for a couple of hours before the show. Gail had been over to the venue earlier on to see Roger arrive and had managed to get her Radio KAOS CD cover signed, she got some great pictures of Roger too which I'll put up when she sends them.

Gail with her signed CD cover               Joe, Gail, Matt, Eric and myself          Pre show meet up

P1050291 (Large) P1050293 (Large) P1050295 (Large)

We all headed over to the venue around 7pm and i managed to see my friend John Slanina who had been in San Fran, we sat and chatted for half an hour as we didn't get much chance to talk at the meet up in San Francisco.

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  1. Hope you enjoy the show.Can't wait to see a new panorama picture.