Saturday, May 19, 2012

Santa Monica day two….

Santa Monuca panorama small

Woke around 9am and headed straight down to the pool, have to say i don't think I’ve ever been in a pool that's heated as hot as this one is, you have to get out of it to cool down!

Matt, Eric and i stayed at the pool for a few hours in the morning, i sat and typed my blog up while dipping in and out of the water. The weathers just right here, not too hot during the day like Phoenix but it does come cool in the evenings.

I was trying to work out how many times I’d been to Santa Monica and was working it out by counting in the my head which hotels I’ve stayed at. I think I’ve been 11 times over the last 15 years or so, i love this place, its my favourite place on earth (that's I’ve been to so far) and I’d live here in a heartbeat. I think its a combination of the beaches and the ocean air, there’s just something about this place that makes me feel at home.

Matt went for a walk down to Venice beach around noon and i headed out for a walk down the beach around 1:30, its not a crazy down the boardwalk as it is at the weekends, its a lot more relaxed but you don't see as many “crazies” wandering around!

Beach houses in Santa Monica

P1050467 (Large) P1050468 (Large) P1050469 (Large) 

I walked the full length of the pier and watched the surfers out in the ocean then headed further down the beach.

Rings and bars on the beach              

 P1050481 (Large) P1050482 (Large)P1050480 (Large)

I headed back to the hotel a couple of hours later and again Eric, Matt and i sat out by the pool for a few hours till gone 4pm. Eric then headed down to the Kings Head pub to meet his brother and Matt and i joined him about 5:30.

P1050505 (Large)  P1050490 (Large)   P1050489 (Large)

DSC02529 (Large) DSC02530 (Large) DSC02542 (Large)

Matt’s friends Donna and Greg arrived and we all headed over to the cliffs above the beach to watch the sunset.

Matt and Eric looking so romantic!       The pier at Sunset                              Sun setting over Malibu

P1050502 (Large) P1050498 (Large) P1050500 (Large)

Matt’s a huge fan of the Hooters restaurants out here, well when i say huge i mean he’s been in 3 of them and likes them (or maybes its the girls he likes!) As soon as his friend Donna told him there was a Hooters just down the street that was it, he was on a mission. The five of us headed down there and got a table outside. There was a basketball game on from the Staples centre where we had seen Roger in 2010, the place was pretty packed out with people watching the game. I ordered five wings which took over 30 minutes to arrive and to be honest were nothing special at all, in fact probably the worst I’ve ever had!

P1050517 (Large) DSC02548 (Large) DSC02546 (Large) DSC02553 (Large)

   P1050509 (Large)  P1050515 (Large)

Eric came back from the bathroom with a bumper sticker for Matt and a roll of paper stickers. Don't think I’ve ever seen Matt as happy, he had stickers, girls on his arms and girly cocktails! I disappeared to the bathroom 10 minutes before we left but on the way and on the way back i disposed of my stickers on the back of Matt's jacket which was hanging on the back of his chair. Eric realised what i was doing and could hardly hold his laughter in, all we had to do was make sure he put his jacket on without seeing the back. Matt, (who will from now on be known on this blog as Mr Hooters) stood up to get his coat and i offered it up to him before he had time to pick it up.

Mr Hooters wandering oblivious through the restaurant.

P1050519 (Large)   P1050520 (Large)  

It wasn't till Eric slapped him on the back to make sure the stickers were staying on there that Mr Hooters realised and took off his jacket.

Moment or realisation                          All good fun (childish but fun)

 P1050521 (Large) P1050522 (Large)

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  1. Very nice!!On the far right where that road goes down the hill,I believe that is where they filmed one of the later scenes for the film "It's A Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad World". An epic classic comedy that featured the top comedians of the era.