Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday, on our way to San Diego….

So after the show last night a few of us found a bar  down the street from the venue, i stayed for a coke and then headed back to the hotel, got back around midnight. James, Matt, Wendy, Eric and a few others carried on drinking and i vaguely remember Matt and James coming into the room around 3am!

James and i had a 12:45 flight today to San Diego today, Matt was due to leave at 2pm. I’d booked the Super Shuttle for 10:30 in the morning to take us to SFO. I was so thankful i had one drink and then headed back last night, I’d got a decent nights sleep and was up and ready for the day at 8am. The first words out of James mouth as he woke was “ what the hell happened last night” the second lot of words were “I’m never gonna drink again”

Today was the day everyone was leaving and going their own ways, Wendy and Chris were staying another night in San Fran, Jackie and Dave were starting their two day drive down to San Diego, George and Sabina were flying out to Vegas Eric was flying down to LA then driving to San Diego and Phil and the others were staying in San Fran for a few more days,

James and i got to the airport around 11 and bumped right into Georg and Sabina. We sat and chatted an hour before going our separate ways and getting on our flights. 1 hour later we were in San Diego and my friends Gail and Joe from Phoenix picked us up at the airport. They were staying at the same hotel as us, as was Eric and his wife and as was a few other friends.

We got to the hotel, dropped off our bags and then headed out for some food towards Ocean Beach. The traffic was pretty bad and after 30 minutes in the car to do a couple of mile drive we finally found a parking space around the Mission Beach area and headed to a restaurant i knew called World Famous.We had lunch while overlooking the ocean and then headed back to the hotel to meet up with Matt.

After chilling out in the hotel for a while we headed up to Old Town San Diego and had some great Mexican food with a couple of Margaritas and then headed back to the hotel to sleep.

James never drinking again,well till 5 hours later.


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  1. You guys should drink a shot every time james says he will never drink again.