Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thursday day two continued…..

So after meeting up with Jackie & Dave, Eric and Matt we had a quick drink in an Irish bar that was on the restaurant.Jackie had brought a small plastic pig with her that out friend Vivienne had graffitied to look like the huge one on the Dark Side tour, it looked fantastic and just like the original but was 3 inches long!

Jackie, Matt, Dave and piggy               Viv’s fantastic graffiti pig!

P1050210 (Large) P1050212 (Large) P1050213 (Large)

I headed out to be at the restaurant for 8pm to meet a few people as they arrived. I had a few friends attending whom id not seen in a few years and a couple that id been e mailing but never met at all.

The dinner was at a restaurant called Calzone in the North Beach area of San Fran,  predominantly an Italian area and full of bars and restaurants.It had great reviews online and id called them a few weeks prior to book a table for 6 people,over the past weeks more and more people had expressed an interest in coming and the reservation was now for 20 people.

Phil, Laila, John and his wife from LA, John from San Fran, Wendy, Chris, Jackie & Dave, Eric, Matt, James, Georg and Sabina from Austria, Patrick from Hawaii, Kyle from Dallas, Brian from San Fran, Eddie, there was a great group of people and the restaurant had allocated us the whole of the top floor so we had our own room/space in a fantastic atmosphere.

Jackie, Chris, Wendy and Dave            Georg, Patrick, Jon, John, Matt            Eric and Matt

P1050215 (Large)  P1050221 (Large) P1050222 (Large)

Myself and Brian                                 Wendy, Eddie and  ?? :)                     Eddie, Jackie, Chris, Dave and Wendy

P1050224 (Large)  P1050225 (Large) P1050216 (Large)

Dave K had messaged me earlier to say he was gonna come along to the meet up to meet a few people, we had such a good night the night before, he just cant get enough of us all now:) He messaged me around 9:30 to say he’d be there in 20 mins and arrived around 10pm. It was great to be able to “introduce” him to people, not that he needs any introducing at all but you know what i mean. He is such a great guy, just a normal person, so down to earth and happy to talk to anyone and have pictures or sign anything, I cant thank you enough for showing up Dave, you know i appreciate it but just wanted to thank you “publicly”

John, Patrick, Dave K and Phil              John, Dave K, and Phil                       Dave C, Dave K and Wendy

P1050217 (Large)  P1050218 (Large) P1050220 (Large)

People started to drift off over the next hour or so and it was going on midnight before we all left the restaurant.I just wanted to thank everyone for making the dinner such a great time, it was great to see old and meet new friends, these meet ups really are what the travelling and seeing the shows are all about for me.

The ones left at the end, James, Eddie, Dave K, Jackie,myself and Chris

P1050227 (Large)

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  1. would love a wall jacket like dave k is wearing in the pic...Great little marching hammers on the back....Great he comes out and meets some of the gang!!! Very humble that guy!! Love it!