Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday 9th May, San Fran day 1….

I finally got to Newark last night around 9:30pm, James was kind enough to pick me up and we headed back to his apartment where i was staying the night.

We both got on the flight to San Fran around 11am this morning and arrived about 2pm, 1 hour ahead of schedule.

Matt from the UK was due in to San Fran around the same time as was Eric who was flying up from LA. By the time James and i made our way over to Terminal G to meet Matt his flight had landed and 15 minutes later he came through from immigration and customs. The three of us headed over to meet Eric off his flight in terminal 2 then the four of us then got a cab to our hotels downtown.

Wendy and her husband Chris had got to their hotel earlier this afternoon as had Greg and his wife Linda from Philadelphia and Jackie and Dave from the UK arrived yesterday and were already checked in.

There's a lot more people coming in tomorrow and we have a dinner tomorrow night with 25 of us, looking forward to seeing everyone.


  1. i look forward to meeting you.. i'm flying in tomorrow during the day.. i hope you feel better..

    chris marsall from la

  2. Glad you're feeling better and have a fantastic time with everyone!
    -J xo

  3. Have a great time everyone!