Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last couple of days

Didn’t do too much on Sunday. I think we were all shattered from the past couple of days of partying! Kami and I hung out at Wendy’s house, and the kids got their swimming pools out again, as it was a gorgeous day.

Wendys house panorama small 

We had all been invited to Chris’s sister’s house for dinner tonight, and we headed over there around 4 P.M in Chris’s ride—a retro-looking mega-van Chris swears is only ten years old! After a walk down to the small lake beach near his sister’s house, we had some excellent cooking and experienced a liquor drink called 43. The smell nearly singed off your nose hairs, but the taste was ever so smooth. It was nearly 2 hours past Cal and Zoe’s bedtime when we headed home.

We left Wendy’s house yesterday (Monday) to fly back to Virginia. I managed to get on the 1 P.M. flight, which was 30 minutes late, and Kami was booked on the 2 P.M. flight, so she arrived in D.C. 30 minutes after I did. Mark and Beth picked us up at DCA, and we got back around 6P.M. The whole weekend seems to have gone by ever so fast, and, at the moment, still seems like one huge blur!

We both had an amazing time, and I can’t thank you enough, Wendy and Chris, for your hospitality. We had the best time ever hanging out, and we can’t wait to do it again :) Miss you already, and see you soon!

Moving forward, I fly down to Florida for the shows in Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando on Thursday and return on Sunday. Kami and her dad fly out to Korea on Friday for a week in Seoul, then a week in Tokyo while I go up to the shows in Canada!


  1. I am from Costa Rica and would love to meet you in Orlando, since I am traveling all the way to see the show. Let me know where will you be.

    1. Drop me an e mail, we'll arrange to meet up

  2. Simon how can live your life? jealous! Maybe see you in Fenway Boston, MA!