Monday, June 25, 2012

Tokyo, random things…

I definitely wanna try use one of these before i leave:) I’m afraid there wont be any pictures though!
P1060652 (Large)
So all the gas stations here have the hose and pumps hanging from the ceilings!, they have a long cord that you pull down and then grab the pump, after use it springs back up, guess it saves space on the ground. There's huge red LED displays above too that show you the amount etc
P1060680 (Large)   P1060681 (Large)
Notice anything about all the parked cars? Everyone reverses into parking spaces here, its how they are thought to do it when they do their driving test.
P1060689 (Large) 
All the cabs here have these funny little logo’s on the top, there's hundreds of different ones!
P1060685 (Large) P1060683 (Large) P1060684 (Large)
Tipping, not sure about the rest of Tokyo but none of the staff in out hotel will accept tips, mark tried several times to give the guy who moved out 6 pieces of luggage around from room to room but he was adamant about not taking anything, it was “hotel policy”
Strange signs seen around Tokyo, mainly on the Metro underground system.
P1070092 (Large) P1070093 (Large) P1060898 (Large) 
P1060900 (Large) P1060902 (Large) P1060901 (Large) 
P1060986 (Large) P1060899 (Large) P1060888 (Large) P1060695 (Large) P1070100 (Large)
  P1070131 (Large)  P1070187 (Large)  P1070210 (Large)
You seen the things in the picture below everywhere there's a construction site, they are decibel meters and register the noise coming from the construction workers! I’m guessing there's some type of level limit for times of the day or something.
P1070241 (Large)
Japanese people don't wear deodorant! seriously, its very hard to find in stores and the smell sometimes getting on and off the metro! uggh.
Most taxi cabs have a system on their cars where the rear doors are opened remotely from inside, i don't mean unlocked but i mean open wide without touching them, the first time i went to get in a can it freaked me out! Thanks to Kurt Gunzinger


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