Monday, July 09, 2012

In Raleigh, North Carolina....

We got back from New York at 10pm last night, had a fantastic time and two great shows, will put a couple of blog posts up soon.
Woke this morning and at 8am i was all set to do my laundry, catch up on e mail, do my blog etc as we were home in VA for a couple of days before the next shows, Washington DC and Philadelphia. However, at 9:30am we were showering and packing and getting ready to go to the Raleigh show tonight which we had just decided to drive to on a whim! we would drive back after the show as it was only 4 hours each way.

I have a friend in NC, Ron E Goode, whom I've known for nearly 14 years, we've e mailed, chatted and spoke on the phone but never met in person, I've always said the first time i make it down to the Carolinas i'd make sure we met up. Well a couple of text messages later and not only are we doing Raleigh but we're gonna drive over to Charlotte and see the show there tomorrow night and I'm finally gonna meet up with Ron and see a show with him! again at 9am this morning he wasn't going to the show either but he is now!

Its just gone 4pm and we just arrived at out Red Roof Inn on the outskirts of Raleigh, just time for a snooze before heading over to the venue to see the show again.


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