Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quebec day two and pre show meet up…

After the late night last night we didn't get up and going till gone 10am Wendy, Kami and i were sharing a room and Kim and Beth were sharing another room. We all met up and started to head down to the Old Town.

The streets were packed with people, even more so than yesterday, Obviously a lot of people were just coming in for the day to see the show.

P1080373 (Large) P1080374 (Large) P1080372 (Large)

The ticket office which was set up outside the venue was already buzzing with people, we weren't able to pick our tickets up till 6pm and were just hoping it wouldn't be a madhouse when the time came! I don't know how or why but Beth kept trying to think of the three Charlie's Angels names, i think it was that Kim, Kami and Wendy reminded her of the them, hence the pictures below! As everyone was posing and i was taking pictures i heard my name being called, i turned around and it was Angelique whom id met in Charlotte a couple of days ago (she is the girls with the Vera Lynne dress). her and i had been messaging on Facebook a few times as she was trying to get to Quebec for the show and had a problem with her passport at the last minute and had to go down to Washington DC to sort it out.That was the last I'd heard from her and i had no idea if she had made it or not, am ever so pleased you actually made the trip and more so that we got to see each other even though it was pretty briefly.

Sabrina, Jill and Kelly!                                Beth’s angels!                                           Angelique, myself and Kami   

P1080379 (Large) P1060031 (Large) P1080383 (Large)

We headed further down the street before stopping again for Kim and Beth to write their names on some radio stations “wall” of Course, Kami had to do her stuff and break the wall.

P1080386 (Large) P1080384 (Large) P1080385 (Large)

As the girls were writing on the wall i looked across the other side of the street and saw Jon Joyce with his wife Susan. he spotted us and came over for a chat and to say hi. Kami and i had met Susan in 2010 but had no idea that she actually sits backstage and knits while the show is on! Jon made us laugh telling us this and also told us how much they were looking forward to the show but also a break from the tour and going home for a while Jon had been in Lake George for a few days before heading up to Quebec so hadn't seen much of the city.

Beth signs the wall                                     Kami signs the wall                                   Jon, Myself, Kami and Jon’s wife, Susan.

P1080393 (Large) P1080388 (Large) P1060035 (Large)

As we walked further down the street i bumped into a couple of other people i knew, one guy whom i met at the Chicago show and another friend Joaquim whom I’d met in London, Manchester, Buenos Aires and various other places around the world! it was just a mass of fans everywhere we looked.

Wendy’s flip flop broke 10 minutes later down the street so the next hour was taken up with wandering around the backstreets looking for a shoe store! Fortunately i came to the rescue yet again and suggested she called into “my” store as i knew it was a department store and she would be able to get sorted out there:)

Oh Wendy video!

Shoe shopping in Quebec!                                                                                      Kim and I eventually exit Simon’s dept store

 P1080406 (Large)  me and the simon sign (Large)  P1060048 (Large)

After Wendy found some ugly (her words not mine) new flip flops we headed out to find somewhere to eat and found a nice little restaurant just across from the Fairmont hotel  at the start of Old Town Quebec.Maria and her friend had been texting Beth and were around somewhere as were our friends Zo and Anne whom we had last seen in DC.

Wendy looks happy with her Flip Flops!   The Fairmont hotel in Quebec

P1080413 (Large)  P1080420 (Large) P1080424 (Large)

After lunch we headed over for a view of the river and wandered around the streets a little, Kim and Beth headed out to buy a few souvenirs while Wendy, Kami and i walked back up the hill to the hotel to chill out for an hour before heading over to the Irish bar where id arranged a pre show meet up for everyone.

Quebec panorama view 1 small

The bar was five or six streets from the hotel, but in the opposite direction to what everyone was walking to the gig! by this time the police had closed off all the main streets around the venue and people were just filling the streets wandering around the restaurants and bars. We met James in the lobby of our hotel before walking to the bar, he’d just flown in from Newark  for the show and Kami, myself, Beth, Kim, James and a couple of friends he had met on the flight over walked to the meet up bar.

Kim, Wendy and Kami              Kim (the sister i never had:) and I                             Anne and Zo

wendykim and kami  P1010874 (Large)  zo

I met up with Ed and his wife Marie for 15 min’s or so and had a chat with them before they headed down to the show, Maria also arrived with her friend Stephanie and Zo and Anne. As  was sat talking to James at a table i spotted my friend Jason from the UK,i had no idea at all he was coming to the show and it took my by a complete surprise, was great to see you Jason and hope you enjoyed the show!

Maria, Kim and Beth                                    Wendy, Kim and James                             Maria and Wendy

558189_10151113851906754_565515751_n  P1010873 (Large)  maria and wendy

Around 6:15, Kami, myself, Wendy, Kim, James and his two friends from the flight started to walk to the box office to pick up our tickets. it was a great atmosphere walking along the closed streets with hundreds of people all going to the show and heading down to the venue.

Video of walking to the venue (thanks Kim)

P1010879 (Large) P1080426 (Large) P1080427 (Large)

Album below of pics from day two in Quebec.


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