Monday, July 22, 2013

New Greek Interview with Dave K.

Dave’s just done a nice little interview with Irene Ketikidi at You can view the interview online HERE. Scroll down the page to read the English version.
Dave also has a new album out called “Closer to Earth.” It’s an album of acoustic covers done with his good friend and amazing singer Murray Hockridge. It’s available to buy on iTunes, Amazon UK, and you can also pick up a copy at the Merchandise stands at Roger’s shows! You might just catch him to get it signed, too, if you keep an eye out at the shows! Dave’s excellent first album, Scarlet, is also still available HERE too. It’s a MUST buy.

Five star review of Closer To Earth:
A truly beautiful album - Hockridge's voice is soft yet strong, an excellent fit for the variety of songs included on this mellow collection; combined with Kilminster's elegant guitar-work, rich with emotion and a perfect accompaniment to the vocals, these tracks are alluring, passionate, heartfelt and deeply moving.
Of particular note is Hallelujah, a wonderful rendition of a breath-taking song, which makes the hair-stand up on the back of your neck. It's really worth settling down to listen to these in a darkened place, with no distractions, and the volume turned up to fill the room.
Time After Time is another track that inspires, a very different take to the original, and yet equally inspiring - alongside I'm Not In Love these songs are the perfect teenage heart-break tunes of your youth, sat by the hi-fi, with decent headphones on, playing on repeat...
Any Major Dude Will Tell You really picks up the beat and can't help but draw out a genuine smile; a funky little fun version that delights the listener. Whilst Street Spirit takes things completely the opposite direction and spirals down into the darker depths that you would expect from a decent cover of Radiohead.
With eleven stunning tracks across the album, it's well worth getting "Closer to Earth" in its entirety, as listening to just a couple of tracks will soon have you craving more - and it's a pity there isn't more beyond this album, for this collaboration, as they really do work well together.
Here's hoping that one day will see them bring out recordings of some original tracks, as I have no doubt they would be over-whelming. In the meantime, Kilminster's Scarlet - The Director's Cut originals album is well worth getting and perfectly compliments "Closer to Earth", with a faster pace, but equally emotional pieces.

Five start review of Scarlet:
“This album is just pure brilliance through and through, and shows that Kilminster is more than just an epic guitarist - he is an extremely talented singer, an accomplished songwriter, and certainly more than capable on keys to boot!
With a variety of songs on this album, there is something for every mood - happy, thoughtful, romantic, energetic, blue, bouncy... and although some fans might be expecting it to be a total shred-fest, it's not all complicated loud guitar, but rather beautiful, intricate and magical playing - though if you want to hear him tear up the strings, then head straight to "Big Blue" and then over to the end of "Liar, Liar" and "Rain...(On Another Planet)"... Actually, when trying to pick them out, you realise there is plenty throughout to keep the ardent enthusiast happy, without being too much and putting off those who aren't into complicated-fast guitar work.
Right from the start of the album, you can hear that Kilminster chose well with Pete Riley on drums, Phil Williams on bass, and Jamie Humphries on additional guitars - there's not a note out of place and they obviously gel well together in the studio; and with the gorgeous Anne-Marie Helder (of Panic Room - who have just released and toured their new album Skin) providing haunting and beautiful backing vocals, it seems like a dream-team line-up. Plus, throw in a string quartet and you really are making music!!
Whilst all the tracks are highly enjoyable, stand-out songs for me are the catchy "Just Crazy", the melancholically-romantic "Brightest Star", the delightfully upbeat sounding "Rain...(On Another Planet)", and my absolute favourite track - the wonderfully charming "Angel".
Overall: a highly accessible album, which you can enjoy chilling out to whilst curled up with some decent headphones, or just cranking up the volume on a stereo and picking out all the different elements that are built into each song. Well written, fantastic and passionate voice, it shouldn't need to be said that the guitar work is amazing - well worth getting!”


  1. I have Scarlet and I really like it. I need to pick up Closer to Earth. Sounds great!

  2. I have both as well as his classical acoustic album 'Playing with Fire'. All 3 albums on heavy rotation at my house, all 3 albums completely different! Can't wait for his new album coming out in the near future.