Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Fantastic paintings for sale

Just before I head out to Oslo next week I thought I’d let you know about the following.

The pictures below are actually paintings on box or board canvases done by Paul Jones. My friend Phil recently bought the “Big Mother” one below, and I was immediately struck by how good these were. The pictures vary in size and most are acrylic paint on canvas and come ready to hang on your wall.

Paul does take commissions, and if there's a certain part from the show that you’d like done then i suggest dropping him an e mail on  He does currently have a few paintings for sale on eBay HERE. Paul also donates 10% of the sales on eBay to The British Legion! Although based in the UK, I’m sure he’ll look at international shipping if it were needed. Prices are very VERY reasonable, some listed on eBay starting at prices of only £10!!

I have no affiliation with Paul whatsoever and was just really taken by how good the paintings are.

16” x 20” Drop it On Em!                            16” x 20” I'm Spartacus on board canvas     

DSC_3756   DSC_3738   mother

8” x 20” iPaint on Box canvas                                                     8” x 20” iResist on box canvas

DSC_3749  DSC_3747

8” x 20” The Wall, a composite of background images from The Wall and a mixture of paint, paper, gel medium, and fine sand!



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