Thursday, August 15, 2013

On my way to Oslo…

So my good friend Ole from Norway had convinced me a few weeks ago that i HAD to do the two shows in Oslo and the one in Gothenburg, who was i to argue! I flew out from Manchester to Rygge, Oslo yesterday, As with a lot of Ryan air flights, they say they are flying to the city your going to be in reality the airports are at least an hour away! Rygge was no exception and was an hours bus ride to the centre from the airport. One thing i have never liked doing is arriving in the city of the show from the UK on the actual day of the show, especially when i don't land till gone 3pm in the afternoon.

I hadn't had chance to get any Norwegian Kroner and after landing i asked the information desk if there was anywhere to exchange currency, there wasn't, however she said if i bought something from the airport store in Euros, I'd get Kroner change! Perfect as i had a 50Euo note in my pocket. I picked up a small bottle of orange soda for the extortionate price of £4.00 ($6.50 for my US friends) It was then i remembered my visit to Norway  for Rogers In The Flesh tour in 2002.


Norway is not cheap, its one of if not THE most expensive countries in Europe and when Phil, Jens, Emil and i all came in 2002 i don't remember any of us having a few beers, it really was the city where we did just have one beer! The price of living is just very high and when you live in Norway you are paid accordingly in relation to that but when you visit here its damn expensive!

I’d forgotten just how nice it was in Norway though, on the hours bus ride to the city centre the scenery was stunning, forests of green fern and pine trees, rivers and lakes of dark blue water, blue skies and the air smelt like fresh cleaned laundry! ok well maybe not the last one but it did smell fresh and clean!

Kevin was on the train on his way from last nights Ca-Ira even in Gothenburg, he was due in to the rail station around the same time as my bus would arrive, Ole and Stuart were at a bar in Oslo with a few other friends and we arranged to meet up to get the shuttle bus to the venue at 5:30. Kevin and i met up at 5, checked in the hotel and then walked up to meet the others at the shuttle bus stop.


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