Monday, August 12, 2013

Operation "Get Bacon" a complete success!

As most people know, there is no better bacon than Danish bacon! Well, last night’s show in Copenhagen proved the perfect venue to put well laid plans into action with operation "Get Bacon!"

My good friends Jens, Phil, Matt, Bibi, and Ole were at the show last night and hatched a plan during the day to get some Danish bacon!

I knew things must have gone well when I woke this morning to see my friend Jens' status on Facebook read:


Gotta say how much I love this updated stadium version.
The projections makes so much more sense.

We were under piggie waiting to tear it apart.

I got a hold of the right rear leg, tore it apart and looked up into it. I then couldn't help myself and "put it on" like it was a t-shirt or something and I was INSIDE IT.
It was surreal and the adrenalin was pumping through me.
I must have gotten 25-30% of it. Phil got 35-40% I'd guess.
It was crazy!!!!

I've never heard Parken sound this good!!!!!!

I now simply can't wait to take wifey to the show in Berlin!!!

Matt & Phil devise a cunning plan in the afternoon!

It’s a pig’s tail!

Matt looking for a piece of bread big enough for his bacon sandwich breakfast!

After a hard night’s work, it looks like Phil slept well in his new sleeping bag!


  1. excellent pixs ! project bacon was a sucess.

  2. brillant pixs, project bacon was a sucess. would love to have the hammer part :)

  3. i'm so glad Jens entered the pig through the rear LEG or else it would look like Roger's pig was giving birth to a great big dane!

    there's better bacon than Canadian bacon???? WOW!

    a big hello from Toronto... can't wait to see you guys....:)

  4. Great !

    I wonder how the pig is flying during the show !


  5. The pig is filled with helium for the outdoor shows and led around by two people with ropes attached to it, they let it down into the audience as the wall comes down. The indoor pig is also filled with helium but is remote controlled and has two fans on it to control the direction, they do not let this down into the audience in the Arena shows.

    1. So, you're friends were lucky when they managed to catch it...among such a big audience...
      I'll try to catch the berlin's pig with a fisching line from my seat :) !!!

  6. Well it usually comes down in the same sort of area each show,

  7. So, Jens sucked back a whole lot of helium when he stuck his head inside the pig? Imagine what that 7 foot Danish gentle giant sounded like right after his pig incident :) I suspect this was the fastest pig take down ever!