Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pre show pictures…….


Thanks to my friend Shane for the pictures below:

Oslo pre show checks

1185436_10151786603449507_161003061_n  1170884_10151786603559507_1673316234_n  1185081_10151786603504507_1917967389_n

Wet bricks in Oslo!                                    Grahams kit being checked pre show

954797_10151792383829507_1450165419_n  1185232_10151786541239507_636513585_n

Warsaw venue after stage set up                                                    Warsaw lighting tests

553474_10151799286934507_233833754_n  1185454_10151799334799507_1471364684_n

Getting the Stuka ready before the Warsaw show

602777_10151799289704507_235314884_n  1005666_10151799289604507_326059558_n  1175714_10151799289634507_508204331_n


Pig being inflated in Warsaw

1187300_10151798898949507_536009539_n 971810_10151798898979507_420745965_n 558027_10151798898874507_1148529542_n 1174774_10151798898814507_1746129807_n

Test run for the Stuka

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  1. Love it!!! Your panoramic's are the best keep it up!