Monday, August 26, 2013

Slight change of plans..

So the original plan was to see all 3 shows, Bucharest, Sofia and Belgrade with my friend Kevin, we have flights booked to Bucharest and i have a flight booked out of Belgrade to Berlin on the 2nd, however, Kevin had to change his plans at the last minute and cant make this leg of the tour.Kevin's friend was due to drive us between shows as, the distances are not huge , about 5 hours between each but the trains in Romania are horrendous, they go 5 miles north to go 1 mile south! so getting from venue to venue on time and then to Belgrade was proving impossible.

After uuuming and arghing for several hours last night and this morning, and listening to Kit and Emil telling me how werewolves roam the Romanian night trains and it’s the country where Dracula comes from!  I've decided to fly to Bucharest tomorrow,see the show on Wednesday night, then on Thursday i take the night train to Budapest, it leaves Bucharest at 17:40 and arrives at 8:50 in the morning. I then take the 9:25 train from Budapest and arrive in Berlin at 21:15 on the 30th August. That's a total of 28 hours and 35 minutes on the train! I will be missing the Sofia and Belgrade shows but there's nothing i can really d about that. One show is better than none at all and I'll also be in Berlin for 2 nights before Kami and her family arrive.

I'm now at a hotel at Charleroi airport in Brussels ready for the flight tomorrow afternoon. 8 hours of trains, buses and a cab today to get here from Saarlouis and I'm shattered, can wait for 28 hours of this!

More soon….


  1. Best of Luck Si. Don't get bit! ;)

  2. Hope the rest of your trip will be ok for you Si !

    See you soon in Berlin,


  3. That is a shame, but with that many shows in you back log, perhaps it does not hurt as much? Leaving Sweden for the Berlin show next week myself, it will be my fifth and last. I really hope for a killer show...

  4. 28 hours on a train? And my wife says I have a problem going to too many shows...Have a great trip Si!