Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wedding weekend….


So i flew into Dusseldorf on Thursday night, arrived around 11pm, checked in my hotel and then took the 10am train the next day 6hours south to Saarlouis, Germany.

Met up with Kevin, Jens, Emil, Nigel,Lars, Joe from Toronto and several others. Our good friend Rainer was getting married tomorrow and we were all invited to the wedding. We’ve all known Rainer for over 10 years, we all toured around Europe together in 2002 seeing Rogers In The Flesh shows and have all remained great friends since.

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We sat at the bar till gone midnight, i always known when its time to go back to the hotel, some people don't, Nigel didn't and paid the price talking to Huey all night down the big white telephone!!

Rainer has a very successful Floyd tribute band here in Germany called The Final Cut, they play several shows a year in and around the town of Saarlouis. Offstage he the most pleasant,quiet,  calm and  peaceful guy you could ever know, onstage he IS Roger Waters! and takes on a whole new persona! Being a serious Roger Waters fan, his band tend to take on a lot more of Rogers solo work, they have a Mr Screen that was paid for by the local town council with Rainer spending hours and hours doing his own video edits for the projections. I’ve never met a more enthusiastic tribute band who put so much effort into their shows.

Below is a clip of them paying In The Flesh, 6 years ago.


And The Gunners Dream from just over a year ago.

The Final Cuts website


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