Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chicago 2nd night show…………


Kami and Jake were 3rd row centre right on the isle, Suzanne, Ken,Elliot, Paul, Johnny were at the back of the hall to the right, Mark, Beth, Kim were back of the hall to the left, Wendy & Jessica were rear centre, Jens, Lars and Thomas were about 10th row centre and Gina, Maria, Kim and I were 8th row centre. People were spread everywhere around the arena tonight.

The pre show entertainment started around 8pm as it normally does with the band hitting the stage just before 8:15, pyros, flag bearers, smoke, it was all there, same show just another night. once you've seen one of Rogers shows from the front 10 rows i think its very hard to sit anywhere else to be honest. You just don't se the interaction between the band, the eye contact between the guitarists, the smiles, laughs and facial expressions that go on through the whole show that you just don't see when your anywhere else in the Arena. Having said that, if you want your eyes to focus on the projections and see everything that's going on on the “wall” then its probably too close.

You do see the effect of the 3D images a lot better when your slightly farther back and to the side, they don't work half as good when your looking straight on to them! However your able to see the band through the brick holes later in the show, something you cant see from the sides! So i guess its “horses for courses” but bare this in mind when your seeing more than one show, i would definitely recommend seeing it from different aspects.

DSCF2359 (Large) DSCF2368 (Large) DSCF2393 (Large)

one good thing about tonight was the plane actually came down and crashed into the wall as it should do at the end of In The Flesh. It was great to see the school kids really getting into it as well during Another Brick, they were a lot more active than the kids in Toronto.

Few pictures taken during the intermission:

The sound was incredible, the performance was amazing and the band were very, VERY tight tonight. I have to agree with everyone else that Chicago 2nd night was definitely the best show of the tour so far.

DSCF2417 (Large) DSCF2418 (Large)

There’s a great post here that describes some of the technical details about the wall, how its build and how it comes down, great read Wall technical details

We caught the shuttle bus back to the West End bar after the show, the bus was packed and the driver put Comfy Numb on as soon as we all got in, the bus just erupted with song!! i didn't take any video of it but i hope someone did!Got back to the bar and had a few drinks before i called it a night and got a cab back to my hotel.

After show at the West End bar:

DSCF2430 (Large) DSCF2421 (Large) DSCF2422 (Large) DSCF2423 (Large)

DSCF2424 (Large) DSCF2425 (Large) DSCF2426 (Large) DSCF2427 (Large)

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  1. Chicago looks like fun!!

    Missing y'all.


    My pics from Roger's last night in Toronto: