Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day off in Chicago (22nd Sept)…..

So there's no show tonight and no travelling for me, so its a day off! Mark, Beth, Kim and Kami are flying back to DC today so they were up early and left the hotel around 9am, leaving Joe, Eric and i in the room. I packed all my stuff as was moving into the room with Jens, Lars and Thomas today as Philippe had gone home yesterday.

We all met in the hotel lobby around 11 and headed out for lunch, walked a few blocks and sat down at a cafe for brunch.

DSCF2431 (Large)

After lunch i left the guys to go get the train out to see my friend Ron whom I'd only seen for a few minutes at each of the pre show meet ups.

Greg was still at Ron's and was just heading out to the airport to fly back to North Carolina, Col was still at Ron's and it was good to sit down and have a quiet chat about the shows, websites, etc etc We also watched the film that Ron took of the 2nd nights show, came out pretty good!  I Headed back to the hotel around 5pm intending to go out for dinner but i totally crashed when i got back. The guys went out for dinner to Joe’s restaurant and i got a great nights sleep and woke around 7 this morning,

Cool art deco type telephone area i saw on the subway yesterday:

DSCF2433 (Large)

Its now 2pm on Thursday afternoon when I'm writing this, were all hanging out in the room (click on this link to watch us partying LIVE now at the hotel Partying at the Blake LIVE now ) drinking beer and were all going to Joe’s at 4pm for some good food tonight as the guys really loved the place last night. Its then on to see the 3rd show tonight and then Buddy Guys blues bar after the show!

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  1. HA! Watching you live on, f'in great!!!

    Enjoy the show, again!!