Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do i look like a loony ?????

Went down to the gym last night and ran on the treadmill for half an hour, started to feel a bit dizzy because of the jet lag (i was running at 2am UK time!) so went back to my room and watched some TV.
Woke around 8am, watched TV for half an hour before going down for some oatmeal for breakfast:) I gathered my laundry up and went to the reception to ask what the washer/dryer takes, the conversation went like this (or so i thought it did)

Receptionist: Hi, can i help you.
Me: Yes, can you tell me what money i need for the washer/dryer ?
Receptionist: Your a loony and you need 2 quarters!
Me: excuse me ?
Receptionist: you need a loony and two quarters.
Me: Oh,
I held my hand out and asked her if this was a “loony” holding a $2 coin out,
Receptionist: no that's a tuney!
She took my “tuney” and gave me a couple of “loony's”
I've been to Canada 6 or 7 times and never knew they called a $1 coin a Loony and a $2 a tuney!
Went and put my laundry on then back to my room for shower and to pack. Collected the laundry, packed my case and headed out of the hotel around 11am. Went for a drive around the lake a different way to yesterday and then started to head down towards Toronto.
A couple of people had mentioned that i must stop at a roadside burger place called “Webers” apparently its an old time burger type place and you cant miss it on the drive down. An hour into the journey i got the most amazing smell in the car of BBQ’d burgers! i could see the place about 1/4 in front on the other side of the road. Apparently so many people used to park up and try cross the 4 lane highway to go buy the burgers that Webers actually paid for and built a huge bridge across the highway!
DSCF2194 (Large)  DSCF2197 (Large) DSCF2195 (Large)
I parked the car and headed over the bridge, the smell was amazing. i wasn't actually too hungry as I'd eaten oatmeal a couple of hours ago but the smell just made me want one! There was a line of about 10 people in front of me and the menu was real simple



Garden Burger



That was pretty much it, no cards just cash and the place was buzzing! i can imagine it’s a goldmine to be honest someone's made a serious amount of money out of that place!!
It was probably one of THE best burgers I've had! i had a cheeseburger with onions on. It was freshly cooked right off the grill and made in front of me within a matter of seconds.
Num, num, num
DSCF2198 (Large)
I then headed down to the hotel where i was staying tonight before flying out to Chicago tomorrow. Bob is having BBQ at his place tonight before the show, Jens, Thomas, Andy and a few of Bobs other friends would be there.
Took me a couple of hours to get down to the hotel, could have been a lot quicker but i was on facebook on my laptop and checking my email, and having a web chat with a few people! Only joking:)
DSCF2201 (Large) 
Just had a Skype video call with Lauren, first time I've seen her since i left the UK, :) Just going to check in the room and then drive down to the city to Bobs house. Looking forward to the show tonight.


  1. Did the receptionist look like Daffy Duck?

  2. so now it's time to play "Spot the Looney"... :-)
    (that burger looks great, now I'm hungry)

  3. Awww, what a good boyfriend! Thanks, Si, great story!!

  4. LOL!! It's called a Looney because the bird on it is a loon :) The other is a "Two-ney" because it's .... 2 dollars and it rhymes with looney, lol

    The radio station where I live - plays April Wine song every 5th song or so. It's April Wine ALL DAY!! Which isn't always a bad thing. And yes - there's a requirement here that says Canadian broadcasters have to include a certain amount of canadian content. Thank goodness for April Wine and RUSH! (Among a few others ;-)

    Counting down to Vancouver show ....