Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday part 2……

After having a look round and driving round a few scenic places i made my way back to the hotel, parked the car and then walked over to the steamboat just across the lake from the hotel.

P1130613 (Large)   P1130571 (Large)   P1130584 (Large)

Its a 2 hour trip that takes you on lake Muskoka and goes around all the expensive houses and cottages. Bob and Andy have a cottage about an hour east of Toronto and Bob said theres no way you can buy anything  around Muskoka for less than a $1 million! he was right! The captain commented on some of the houses that had for sale sighs up and told us the prices that was being asked!

$3 million gets you a place like this:         $8 million gets you a log cabin, this is just the boathouse that goes with it!!

P1130611 (Large)     P1130605 (Large)

I was probably the youngest person on the boat, there were about 50 people in total and luckily the weather was a lot better than it was yesterday, it was clear blue skies, the sun was out and it  wasn't too cold to stand on the outside deck of the boat. I’d say 75 % of the houses had huge boathouse and piers at the end of their gardens, theres over 160 islands on the lake and a lot of those have individual houses on. The only way to get to them is either by boat or as i saw by small sea planes that a  lot of people had moored up.

Plane, boat or jet ski!!

P1130597 (Large) P1130609 (Large)

In the past when I've been on my travels I've always tried to take pictures of anything unusual and out of the ordinary, today's trip was no different. I've no idea why there's a red Indian at the bottom of one garden, a plastic cow at the bottom of another or why people insist on wearing socks with sandals! especially white ones!! its just not right!!

P1130607 (Large) P1130606 (Large) P1130583 (Large)

I’m pretty sure this is what flag Lauren would want on our house if she could have one!

P1130580 (Large)

You can view all the pictures from the boat trip here:


After an hour and a half on the lake we headed back to land and i walked back over to the hotel.

Its about 6pm now, I’m gonna head down to the gym for half an hour, go for a dip in the pool and then get an early night. I’m hoping the jet lags gonna be gone by early next week, the hardest part of the day is between 2pm and 5pm when i just feel so tired! I seem to be waking up that bit later every morning and am getting my appetite back (I’m more than happy to NOT have that back!) although I’ve not had any really nice food yet. Its the 3rd and last Toronto show tomorrow, I’m gonna have another drive around up here in the morning then head back down to Toronto early afternoon. I’ve also been told to call in a famous burger place on the way down called Webbers! After seeing the countryside up here and having been to Toronto 5 or 6 times now I’m beginning to really like it here, its certainly a place I’d like to live one day if i ever could.

Jim, what was the name of those nuts in the tubes you told me to look out for  ?


  1. I don't know if those are available in Canada... but they're Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds. Funny thing is, I saw a big display of them in my local grocery just yesterday, and thought of you!

  2. Sounds like a grand way to spend the day Si. I knew you'd be the youngest on the Segwin ;) Enjoy tomorrow's show - gail

  3. Hello Si

    Looks like you having a fantastic time. I'm really enjoying reading you Blog keep up the good work.

    Regards Sam (and Steve)